18 October, 2006

You are not that bad!

People who believe in first impressions don't like me much. As an inane introvert, I don't go and speak with some strangers. I call it the reserved attitude, but people call it arrogancy. Once my friend told me "When I saw you for the first time, I thought you are a guy with lot of thimiru (arrogancy); who wants to talk to you?". This is the honest feedback on my first impression. Nothing got changed till now. It still remain same but for people who follow my blog. Now I am getting feedbacks as a guy with some sensible thoughts too ;

Three months ago, when I spoke about my love to my girl, she wanted me to meet her sister and brother-in-law. That meeting idea made me more conscious. You got to market yourself in those situations, which I had never done before. Frankly, I don't believe in my look or my first impression. Baffling situation gave me some confidence also. I said to myself "You are not going to lose anything. If meeting goes positive, you may end up with two more friends. So cool and be yourself".

Me:  "Hey, how good you akka and athimber are?"
She: "They are very nice people, you will enjoy the dinner with them"
Me:  "Ohh, that good to hear, I want to give them a good first impression. What's gonna be your dress for the evening?"
She: "Why?"
Me:  "Thought we could wear some dress which will make us look like made-for-each-other pair"
She: "Comeon....let's not pretend ok? We are. We will be ourself"

Later we meet them in the restaurant. They are indeed nice couple, found myself comfortable in speaking to them. We, techies, share a common thread which can weave us in one society. We had lot of common topics to chat about. And I was in my high spirits that day. Besides, their friendly attitude made me feel at home. After hours of chat, we left for the day. I pinged my girl in the next day morning to know about my feedback.
She: "You are not that bad da! They liked you. You got some sensible thoughts also in your head"
Me : "Thank god. You made my day"

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Jeevan said...

Love workout aeduccha! Nice:) Hope u had a good chat with them.

Queen said...

She: "Comeon....let's not pretend ok? We are. We will be ourself"

She made sense. May be after that meeting, has your interaction with strangers become a bit easy?

Nirek said...

timing of the meeting pathingala...three months ago!

sure. She is more sensible girl ever I have met. :)
Will all those things embed in ur character go off so easily? reservedness wont go away... :(

Anonymous said...

who is that girl you talk about

kart said...

arrogant... you... they must be kidding .. even if you keep mum for long time... i couldnt figure out a trace of arrrogance climbing in your attitude... i dont like you using the words shy and reserved about yourself often... you are not shy... you are not reserved... you just talk only when it is wanted and when it matters... to me its a gifted virtue, thats why u ended up impressing the people you need to... i could feel the pulse of pleasure of you.. its bounding!!!! mmmm ... enjoy da... tha man who won the heart of the girl with the brain is the most gifted...

Queen said...

I dont think reservedness is a character embedded in us...its just an outer layer...we can manipulate it like how we try and learn to control anger, temper et all. So if you really wish, you can overcome it. But there are some characters in us which we can never imagine to change....ex-kanjathanam in some ppl ;)

Nirek said...

will tell u dear buddy! :)

thats best testimonial ever i can get. I will save this words of urs in my mail. :)
>>ha man who won the heart of the girl with the brain is the most gifted...
i dont know how to answer this....I really wish i fly like this

niggardness is really sick character, I hate it.
and reg reservedness, I am trying and hope i will not be like this forever. I had come a long way before from silent boy to sweet chatterbox. Hope i improve myself more later