14 October, 2006

I will kill you if you die

http://www.planetbollywood.com/Pictures/Posters/WohLamhe/WohLamhe1P.jpgDont think this is some drunkard's statement, it's cliche dialogue in this movie. Wow, this gets a position in my worst-ever movies list ;) My rating for the movie is not just avoidable, but run away from the cinema showing this movie. It is sick movie, I had bad dreams in night after seeing this. Guess it will take more than a week to get rid of effect of this movie. Period. The story line is again based on paranoic schizoprenia. God only knows how many movies going to discuss in same subject line. Heroine has a pathetic life and besides she gets affected by this disease also. Hero, Shiney Ahuja, plays the role of movie director. He uses heroine's fame for his new venture. But falls in love after knowing that she has become bimar. The appearance of Rani,the imaginary friend of heroine is terrible. Whenever she comes on screen, I can feel the uncomfortness in the whole cinema hall. Songs are the breathing occasions in the whole movie. Like modern days bollywood movies, this one also tries to use the skin factor to add color to the movie. My friend was telling the dialogues are good, don't know in which form. The few english dialogues I heard were pathetic.

Heroine on one occasion says: "I love you Adi, I love you too much"
Hero: "Shit....it's already 4.30 in morning"

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Ghost Particle said...

man....more suckky moviees! thats why i dont watch hindi crap.

Nirek said...

>>why i dont watch hindi crap
thats a good decision. stay in that. Hindi movies world really sucks!

smiley said...

mebbe u got it wrong... i will kill if u don't die :)

Anonymous said...

"I will kill you if you die "
lolz..this line made me to think actually!! until i erad the last comment :P

btw..i havent watched it ..yet!

tulipspeaks said...

i've not been keeping myself updated with ur posts. sorry. beein occupied with deepavali 'chores' (read shopping). will be taking break for deepavali.

Deepavali wishes in advance.


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha.. I dont watch hindi movies.. Infact i hate them.. U made me feel thts good ;)

Nirek said...

no buddy. i heard the dialogue correct. it's same as title.
the dialogue comes in a more emotional scene. hero wants to prevent heroine from dying...so he used this!
but it sounds funny! :)

Nirek said...

welcome to my blog world!

@white forest
welcome here
if you haven't seen the movie, you can safely skip it. not worth the penny! :)

Nirek said...

hi dear...happyu diwali wishes for you too! ohh u r busy there with diwali shopping...great...hope your credit card has big credit limit to budget ur shopping! :)
I am yet to buy my dresses and gifts for my family members! will do it this week :)

Nirek said...

wow. thats wonderful policy. I guess that saves u from lot of headaches! :)

Jeevan said...

Saw this Film's AD in the paper, I better stay in seeing the Ad's:)

Nirek said...

:) thats nalla nakkal abt the movie!