02 October, 2006

Long weekend

After long time, I am traveling home bound. Gandhi Jayanthi with pooja holidays gave all Techies a long weekend here. Hope all would have been back to work after the weekend; I am still away from my office. I am on continuous travel. Will update you with photos of the trip later.

  • Saturday was Ayutha Pooja. I was with my sithappa and his factory on this occasion. My sithappa is my role model; his story is always inspiring for first generation entrepreneurs. He is expanding his factory here in Chennai and also in Middle East.
  • On last Sunday, Did you guys noticed a full-page advertisement in leading newspapers speaking about AV Birla scholarships and candidates who secured it? Mahesh Nair, IIM-C PGDM student is also in the list. He is my CAT exam trainer in TIME koramangala institute. Enjoyed that proud moment to see a known friend bestowed with that rare honor. Kudos Mahesh! Best wishes.
  • Monday is celebrated as Vijayadashmi, day for goddess of education, Saraswathi in this part of world. We went to Saraswathi temple nearby my town. It's for my niece who will be on school rolls from next year. :) This temple is always been dear to my heart. During my plus two exam, my friends and me made a trip to this temple. The belief is to get your new exam pen and yourself blessed by Saraswathi to score best marks :) The temple has grown more popular these days and has now a big white graffiti board where you can scribble your exam registration number. Don't know how poor goddess can cater to so many pupil's request fro good marks??!! :)
  • Wednesday in Karnataka wide bandh as I heard last before leaving Bangalore. Is it legal to call for bandh these days? Bandh sucks :(

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Anonymous said...

Yes, 'Bandh' is prohibited by court in Kerala. So, we call it 'Hartal'. ;)

Nirek said...

Devil can be called in any name...but still its a Devil. Isn't it?