11 October, 2006

changes after marriage!

Changes in life after marriage are innumerable and hopefully interesting too. Recently I was browsing through smiling girl's narration of changes in her life after her marriage. Life looks like a dream when we meet our girl, fall in love and get married. Life may not be so green after marriage. During love life, you would have met your girl for 3-4 hours a day and/or utmost spend a day or two during trips. After marriage, she starts living with you all the time. You got to meet her even if you are happy or sad, excited or tired down. Teasing times will pass by to check your true love for your partner. Gosh! It’s too complicated.

"My dil goes mmm..." song from Salaam Namaste is about these changes. My knowledge on Hindi is very limited. It's been my favorite song for long time. I checked the English translation of lyrics today and no doubt that "my heart goes mmm..." to the lyrics also.

[+] I have a post below. Cheery News . And I have kept the question open for one more day, just to see how interesting people’s imagination is going to be. This post has got nothing to do with that question.

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