16 October, 2006

Random rambles

  • My weekend was a mixed bag. I had tried out few new restaurants with my friends and went to fun world/star city/water world. I was in office even on weekends :( definitely not for work but for catching up with frens :)

  • Teased taste buds in two new restaurants: the Rendezvous and the Umerkot in koramangala. The Rendezvous is an european restaurant, had steaks and pizza on last saturday. Those guys played it safe by making it a bar cum restaurant. The menu includes lot of known and unknown euro dishes. The ambinence in Umerkot takes you to the mughalai time frame, it has a niche wine bar too with various vintage classics. Had briyani in this, defnitely worth a shot. I would classify it best, in par with the Hyderbadi House briyanis. The Hyderbadi House become a regular for all my friends here. Bangalore offers a wide range of restaurants that improves the quality of living. If you happen to stay in Bangalore, definitely try your hand in these three restaurants.

  • We were planning for a trip to the Chunchi Falls in kanakapura road, 75 kms off the city. We couldn't made it up in the end. The saturday nights in the city become more crowded. The pubs here are overflowing with techies. The population of fairer sex seems to be ever in rise in pubs and salsa classes :) Guys, time for you to wake up and match with the freaky girls of the city.

  • The fun world isn't that fun. The bowling alley in the star city is the only worthy spot in the whole environment. The other rides and swimming pool side rides are not upto the mark. My trip to wonderla in the past was the real spoiler, couldn't stop comparing these rides with lavish facility in wonderla. Few photos from the trip are below.

  • I try to list down the reasons.
    • I love this city because,
      • quality of living is high compared to other places
      • people run with attitude to enjoy, which has to be welcomed
      • city got affinity towards adventure sports and weekend outings
      • city got some nice outing spots for day outing and helluva lot of trek spots
    • I hate this city because,
      • there is a big local inflation in the prices
      • people are misusing the unlimited freedom
      • city can spoil you, if you aren't principle centred
      • traffic sucks at times!

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    Jeevan said...

    It seem like you had a Fun weekend, in amusment parks and restaurants. same pinch, me too had Biriyani on Sunday! Cool pic here, the ducks in the pool was beautiful:)

    Nirek said...

    thanks bro! I didnt write abt the blog q&A tag. hope its ok?