30 October, 2006

A Vagabond strolls on - 2

Drizzling rain and long stretch of roads are always biker's paradise. I am still hooked on to biking because of few occasions like this. I was on bike with my friend on saturday evening to visit a new apartment of another guy in such a pleasant climate. My new bike shows its mighty in high speeds and we were zipping past all heavy vehicles in the outer ring road.

Tummyful- Few more restaurants discovered ;)
Aangan in Koramangala - Asli punjabi khana. Food quality is good and the hotel ambience is also great
Sharma in Koramangala - Great quality food at damn cheap rates. I love this
Parika in CMH Road - a decent multicuisine restaurant with as usual sky high bills. Mangalorean dishes are surprise addendum in their menu. Dunno whether this is best hotel for mangalorean foods, but liked it!

Song for the day. This one is from movie parineetha, 'Piyu bole, Piya bole'. Again one more smashing hit in Sonu and Shreya combination. Have a lovely time with the song (English subtitles are also there in the video for non-hindi speaking people)

Solla Maranthuten!
Saw Valavan movie last weekend. It wasn't a great entertainer. And as promised I am not writing a spoiler review for it. I liked the first half of the movie. It was more casual and the story plot is about love as seen by this generation guys. Engeyo sontha kathai pakkirey mathiri oru feeling!! ;) Balakumaran's touch was seen in dialogues only at few scenes. Santhanam and gang done their comedy role neatly. Yuvan's songs are the real face saver. Editor could have played a little more proactive role in second half of the movie and could have reduced its length.

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Queen said...

Hmm..bike ride on a rainyday would be very romantic if its with your loved one ;)

Satu, enn epidi hindi paithiyam pudichu alaiyuringa. Pls, podhum. ethavathu malayalam, kanada, thulu, marathi epidi songs avathu podunga. Oru change a irukum.

icyblue said...

I miss home.. B.A.N.G.A.L.O.R.E!!

Nirek said...

biking with loved one is truly romantic :) why dont you tell me abt ur experience reg this??

>>hindi paithiyam pudichu alaiyuringa >>Pls, podhum
Neenga please solli kettathanla stop pannikiren! ana enna panrathu bangalore-ila enna suthi eppa pathalum ore hindi song-a irukku...
athan naan petra inbam perugu ivayagam -style blog post pannniren!

thulu, marathi-aa kettathey illey!

Dont miss bangalore much. come home soon!

ranjhith said...

> Sharma in Koramangala

U shud hav noticed a WorldSpace receiver there.

> Engeyo sontha kathai pakkirey mathiri oru feeling!! ;)

I think the character of Reema is a parody of Aishwarya (u know who). Atleast to some extent.

robbie said...

oooh long drives in the rain on a saturday evening in a empty highway (or may be ECR rd wud do)!!! evlo naal aachu ..
chennai was flooded on saturday and got soaked to the bones .. naa .. not exactly in rain water alone .. got splashed by all four wheelers on the road .. :)

Nirek said...

>>sharma in koramangala
I didnt notice the worldspace receiver there. but those guys are playing nice songs all thru the time. loved it
tht it from local FM radio

>>I think the character of Reema is a parody of Aishwarya (u know who). Atleast to some extent.

The first half of movie was like my story. I didnt like second half, so can't relate that with anyone.
Reema sen character was very bad in the movie. simbhu could have handled it more decent way. I hate tht girl!

Nayantara love story was more like mine ;)

Nirek said...

yep, heard abt the flood stories from chennai before. I experience it last year, i was there in chennai then!

biking on ECR is lovely. Here outer ring road and mysore road try to give that feel to some extent. but ECR is the BEST

smiley said...

Tummyful- Few more restaurants discovered ;) same over here :)

Nirek said...

welcome here.