27 October, 2006

A vagabond strolls on!

Today is my best friend's marriage. His is love marriage, as usual opposed by parents. But married his lover girl today in Alaipayuthey style 'Mangalayam thanthu nanena Navajeeva....' . He is my friend, philopsher and guide for my love from the day one. A big storm may come when they convey their marriage info in their home. Hope dust settles soon and the couple starts living together peacefully.
Best wishes and congrats for the lovely couple!

I am listening to this lovely song 'Pal Pal Pal' from Lage Raho Munnabhai. The song is about dilemma in the mind of the hero for telling a lie to win his girl's heart. He wants to convey that to his girl in a letter, but he fears about losing her. The girl doesn't know this fact, thinks the guy is writing a love letter to her. The lyrics and situation added more color to this song. The magical voice belongs to Sonu and Shreya.
For hindi lyrix, refer here
For English translation, you can look here and here.

Have you ever wondered the power of smell? Mysterious power of smell hijacks you to a different world altogether, it gives you a different feeling from normal state of life.... Few in that list
The 'man vasanai', the smell of sand which arise with first drops of rain
The green bug smell, which fills your nostril when you criss cross into their nature and world
The distinct dettol smell, which strikes you when you enter an hospital
The smell of your girl ;) Lemme play it safe here, this is hear say, inspired from the song 'Selai kattum pennukoru vasam unda?'

I am welcoming this weekend with 'Valavan' movie. Waiting to catch up with friends for the late night show of this movie tonight. I got a mixed review for this movie till now. Wait to hear from me. If movie is bad, I promise you that I wont write a spoiler review for sure ;) This whiz-kid simbhu's growth is amazing in tamil tinseldom. Hope he gives out one more good entertainer. Wish you all a happy weekend too!

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Ponniyinselvan said...

please read vijayanagar blog.i am karthik[ponniyinselvan's mother]go to july 2006 and find out the truth

Queen said...

Smells - I love the smell of new dresses, balloon smell, smell of nail polish, thalikkum smell from kitchen....list goes on. Its true that as we associate colors with many things, we also associate smell.

Alaipayuthe kind of marriages are happending a lot now. Dont know if its for good or bad. After effects differ from case to case. Enna sir, tamil songs ellam kekave mattingala?

Nirek said...

thanks ma. I read ur blog. continue ur biogrpahy writing.

>>>Enna sir, tamil songs ellam kekave mattingala?
acho....tamil song kekailina ennaku thookama varathu. always tuned to sun music when i am in home. Intha hindi song recent hit ache! romba pudichi pochu....athan got a space in my blog

>>smell list
wow. i love those. thallikum smell gets my first vote.

In my frens case, it is been forced on him by their parents. who wants to get married without parental approval and society approval. ellam neram! evanku after effects eppadi irukomo theriyilley??

ranjhith said...

> Today is my best friend's marriage. > His is love marriage, as usual opposed by parents.

Good Good. My heartiest wishes to ur buddy. Why can't these parents change? Marriages should be like watching a fav movie channel. The children get to choose the channel & the parents like the TV had to just show-up!

> I am listening to this lovely song 'Pal Pal Pal' from Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Ippo yellam ore Hindi "smell" adikuthu? Inna vishesham?

> Have you ever wondered the power of smell?
> The smell of your girl ;)

I remember 2 incidences of girl (someone) & smell.

This was in a bus while travelling from Blore to Coimbatore. There was a girl seated next to me. I was on a call while I came to the seat & I barely saw her. After I'm done with the call, she got a call. Looks like she is directly from work & the person on the other side enquired whether she reached the busstand on time. This was the time I noticed, smelling somthing fishy. Later in the night when all the windows were closed out of cold, I got that horribly distasty smell. It was frm the girl next to me. The smell literally ruined my sleep. I looked at her face to save it for revenge. I had to pass that night with smelly-salty-souring dreams.

This was in a flight frm Coimbatore to Hyd. I had got a window seat. I was peeping out the window to find CIT hostels somewhere nearby. Someone came & sat next to me. I didn't mind thou. The plane taxied & accelerated for take off. This is when I noticed to get that smell. The smell of crushed Jasmine. This girl wore a bunch of Jasmine & had leaned hard to the seat during take-off. The flowers got crushed in the vibration & press & had spread a beautiful-mystic smell thro the air. Wow, I turned to look at her & gave a smile. Too good it was.

Is this too many words under comments? >:O)

Nirek said...

>>Why can't these parents change?
If parents' agree to kid's love immediately, then those lovers will not understand the power of their love. when someone opposes, we understand how we love our gal. I love to have opposition for my marriage too..

>>hindi smell
I got new northie gal fren ;) jus kidding dude...Bangalore life has introduced a lot of hindi songs in my life. When i was in chennai, I never used to go to hindi movie...i skip seeing them most of the time. here its become part of life

>>woman smell
I expected more fishy stories from you dude. ;)

>>Is this too many words under comments? >:O)
Defnitely No. you are welcome to type in big comments always

Ram said...

Vallavan !!! for weekend. Hmm watch the movie for urself, no comments

praveen said...

when will parents change...ithaan avalunguku vellaiya pochi...not enough tamil movies pole??

Inspired by ranjiths comment, I remember when i took the flight from Chennai-Kuala lumpur..maligapoo vasam thanga mudiyele...

Nirek said...

had a bad friday night. thanks to valavan movie. utter crap yaar. there are some good instances, otherwise boring stuff

>>not enough tamil movies pole??
not enough GOOD Tamil movies and songs.
>>.maligapoo vasam thanga mudiyele...
what's that story? u got bored with that smell or was happy with that! ??

tulipspeaks said...

aha.. alaypayuthey kalyanama? exciting but sounds scary la. think im gonna be a nalla ponnu and get married to the one my mom choose!! lolz.. ah..boring life but what to do? ennakum kathalukum rombe thooram. *sigghhh


Nirek said...

neenga nalla ponnu-innu naanga sollunum!!! pakalam evalo naal you will be away from love.
wish cupid arrow strikes you soon !

robbie said...

all the best to ur fren .. hope things settle down soon for 'em back home ..
man vasanai !! hmmm .. nothing can beat that smell .. u mite think me weird but i like petrol smell a lot ... :) amma's cookin of course .. baby's smell .. sea shore-oda salty smell (naa .. chennai beach la illa .. clean beach like andaman beach) ..
nice write-up pal!!! :) njoy'd ..

Nirek said...

me too hope things get settle soon for this lovers. lets see

thats pretty good list on smell. loved it! I got inspiration for the post on smell from a green bug which crossed my path.