02 September, 2006

What good stuff have you done in recent past?

This question is few standard stuffs in self-help management workshops. It kindles new experience and new flow of thoughts in you, when tried to answer. I joined as volunteer in DaD computer workshop again today- but with new set of kids, new set of syllabus, new faces around and getting ready for whole new experience. Spoke about my earilier experiences here. And this is not one more post on that! So.... :)
Shashank started the group discussion with the question in title. We are just eight of us there. And this question was thrown to bring the positive vibe to the think-tank. It worked out well too. One fren talked about how she helped a lorry driver to take an u-turn in mid of high traffic road; how she stopped her car and made the whole crowd wait behind her car, which considerably ease out the tension of the heavy vehicle driver and how he bowed out of his door to wish her a big thanks. Sounds great, Isn't it?. I had to race my thoughts back to find out what good have I done in my recent past. Left blank also for few moments. Finally could remember one incident happened a week back. What I quoted was: "Me and my friends were having our lunch in a hotel. That restaurant was unusually crowded that day and the waiter of the table couldn't attend to us properly. We had to remind him 10 times to get our side dish, main course, or even for a glass of water. Our usual reaction in those moments: We get bugged up, call the owner, shout at his face and show the anger on the bearer in mid of whole guests. Those negative reaction won't work out most of time. What happens finally is you get tensed up and you spoil the mood around. Today we consciously decided that we are not gonna do anything negative. We sat quietly, waited and reminded him every time patiently and finally left a good amount of tip also. That would not have made the bearer understand his mistake, but definitely eased out his tension on that busy day".

Feel free to share your experiences folks!
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Ghost Particle said...

superb template and whole lot of new features...will be back to read more! im fine satu and hope you r too! have a great day buddy!

Nirek said...

@Gp. thanks bro. I am doing great here... wish you a great week ahead!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Ha..Nice template :)
Nice thought too :)

Nirek said...

@pon...thanks yaar.
thats good to hear. howz life there?