04 September, 2006

Unposted Emails

Well, I was strolling with these thoughts for two days. The concept of unposted emails is not new. There are occasions in life where silence is better than any words uttered. When things go bad, better take life as it comes; don’t ever speak more and make things worse. The basic etiquette in email conversation is it should start in smile and end in smile. If your email is going to be about any negative feelings, better post the email to yourself first. Then at the end of the day, take a re-look at the email. If your negative feelings (anger, jealous, possessiveness or irritation) still persists, delay posting the email again by a day. Don’t send those emails ever with the same mood in which you have written.


The world has really become a global village, become small by improvement in communication mediums. Emails, chats, skypes, mobile phones replaced most of face to face meetings. Over the years, I lost confidence in most of the other mediums in helping true communication. I try to maintain friendship with people whomever I meet in daily life. I am little bit matured enough to hold back my negative feelings in F2F meetings. The smile in my face rarely goes away or few times I show a kind of irritation in my face. But I fail miserably lot of times in using these ultra-modern means of communication. Expressing feelings over emails & chats is really tough for me. Most of time ends up with misunderstood statements.


Trust and beliefs in people are tender things which you need to be much matured to handle. The differences between the people never blow up a big issue when they are in love. But the day when someone lost love for other; even a small misunderstanding will become big issues. The nuclear family culture - when guy and gal start living together- teases them with a lot of problems based on this. There may not be any elders to advice them what to do during those times. These occasions can cause lot of failures, don’t get dishearten when you face failures, it is just a lesson you got to learn. http://www.dpgsulo.com/images/tsunami09.gif


[+] There was couple of interesting columns in Ananda vikatan in this week issue. One is by Dr.J. Radhakrishnan, IAS officer in Tamilnadu. He talked about the social issues and the fallouts in our primary education system. I can't agree with him more. Our primary education rears students with competition rather than breading good social culture. Our education system complements a guy who gets first rank based on marks and demotivates another who don't excel much in studies. Both of them has rights to co-exist happily in the world, then why do we disparage between them. Just because a student can't score marks in the exams, he has to be deprived of rights to live peacefully. Nay. The education system has to be refined so that everybody win the race; one can excel in studies, another in music, acting, sports, organising and any other.


http://www.hindu.com/2005/08/11/images/2005081114280201.jpg[+] The second column is from actor Prakash Raj. His level of maturity in handling human emotions is unique. The latest episode about love and the issues lover face after the marriage. He quoted an example of his two fren who fall in love and failed after marriage. The "panni kutti" story as explained by him was little rude, but absolutely a matured talk. He uses other people's emotions to express his feelings. Those writing style reached grabs my attention immediately. Last episode was about the his kid asking him questions about terrorism. May be that kid is not so big to ask him so many questions, may be it is just his figment of imagination, but lovely style of writing. He discusses the problem and leaves the issue to people to conclude. Well, way to go, Mr.Prakash!



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Anonymous said...

Good to know you learnt this lesson :-) Guess in a tough way though. I personally know what a mess your life is because of you making people come out of their silence when they are angry and you speaking when you are angry.
Things cannot be undone. I too hope you get your lost friendship. But knowing that person too personly I can say if you shut your mouth for atleast a month you can think of it.
Anyways all the best and please don't forget this lesson in future.


Nirek said...

thanks --AN,
I am happy that my requests are heard! I didnt know who you are, but yours words are too true.
When you are depressed on what's happening around you, you tend to do something which are hurting! Deep apologies is all I can tender. But she is no mood to even hear that...

will keep u posted if i get the lost frenship!

Anonymous said...

O! save your postings to me. She still speaks to me. Your appologies can't undo anything!! You see, she proved that Silence is golden now. Above all, you spoiled her reputation in midst of her friends too... in the blog :( Thats real sad. It was only after reading your blog we came to know of this story and also of the blog she had! When we gathered to speak to her regarding this nothing cld. put things back. Save everything. But, I can understand being from a village and without much friends nothing can be expected out of you. We are trying to make her show all the things she has to you and then break down neatly. She can't be without us. So she will listen to us. Don't worry. I can't guarantee you the friendship but yes, def. the truth.
Suspecting an aquarian is really bad. You didn't even give her a chance.. You first accused her and then you asked for proofs.


Nirek said...


Nirek said...

I am really surprised that you know all the things happened. I never know that there is a third person in the world who know what has happened.

I dont want to be defensive of myself when you accuse me. Go ahead. Download whatever you feel like on me, I become just a mirror these days.

Keep u posted doesn't mean I will mail you for sure, I dunno know your identity either.

Mmm... I can understand how much character assasination has gone in that part3 story to make u feel bad about her. Hey but it is a story yaar... :)

Nirek said...

Frankly i dont need the proofs and truths. If you haven't spoken to her regarding anything to her, one request -dont disturb her pls. its a personal issue, I believe i can resolve it myself.
best wishes for your life! Thanks for your efforts

Anonymous said...

You got this to public :-) It is personal as long as its between you and her but now its know to almost everyone who knows her :-) All thanks to you. People will now defenitely interfere. you can't avoid this.

Nirek said...

Ok :) will face any opposition from anyone. Thanks! Now that I know she loves me and she will stand with me forever, I dont care a DAMN for anybody's opposition.
People will move mountain for their love. Mine is simple, i need to speak to all to make them convinced and come out of the opposition. Will do it!