09 September, 2006

Stop braggin Satu :)

What a lovely day it is. If your dream girl becomes your friend; if your demigoddess speaks to you; your favorite girl smile at you; guess no body can hold you onto the ground after that. I am flying way above the cloud nine now because of that.

Hi Satheesh,
Suchi r (suchi@radiomirchi.com) has accepted your invitation to join your orkut network of friends.
I am an ardent fan of Suchi of Radio Mirchi. Her voice is amazing, caught my attention on the first day I entered Chennai. Well folks, if you don’t know the celebrity about whom I am bragging here, Suchitra works as Radio Jockey in Radio Mirchi, a FM channel inChennai, India . She acted in one Maniratnam movie and was hosting a talk show in Vijay TV called "Koffee with Suchi".  After moving out of Chennai, my only solace was that TV show and unfortunately she left the show recently. I was missing my dream girl for long time. I found out later that Suchi is active in orkut and has a community of her fans too. Sent her friend request and got accepted today. Her fans club has got a webpage.

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