11 September, 2006

Think Tank Series - 2

This discussion thread is kick started with a mission to understand the business model of our companies and your vision of an ideal company with big potential. I am aware that lot of readers of my blog are techies and software professionals. But that shouldn’t restrict us from discussing any business under the sun. A business is defined as an activity which we like to do that could earn us money and become independent; the revenue potential is not the scale of comparing these ideas. The scalability, sustainability, diversification activity of the ideas will be given importance for the evaluation of ideas.


The discussion thread is not necessary supposed to end us making entrepreneurs immediately. We, the like minded people should keep the discussion alive and share our views. Feel free to post your views on comments section. I will keep his blog discussion thread as a sticky post; will update your views on the posts as soon as possible.


  1. What is your company business model? If you are part of big company, what is the business model of your vertical or division? Try not to name these companies, anonymity of those companies need to be maintained. What’s important to us is to understand the ideas clearly
  2. What do you think is best business which has big potential?


My take on this:


  1. My company has two divisions. PC division has a big hit product. That is media player software for DVD. It includes multimedia codec’s of audio and video. The codec are packaged into a successful winning product. The business plan is linked with OEM. The product gets shipped a bundled product with PC manufactured by those OEM. The volume determines the revenue. PC division earns around 100M$ per year for the company.Embedded systems team is working on developing a reference design for TV on mobile. The core components remain same and now this reference software will run on any gadgets. The embedded product division is not reached its pinnacle; we are still making inroads with few design wins here and there.
  2. I don’t have clear idea on what is the winning product or business or market. I like to proceed in my current career line



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