01 September, 2006

Vettaiyadu- Vilaiyadu - Movie Review

After long time, I saw a no non-sense movie . The story line seem to be taken from lot of "medical detectives" episodes of Discovery channel. Yet the racy screenplay keeps the spirit in this lengthy 3-hour movie. Had never seen this director's (Gautham) earlier movie  . Kakha Kakha experience seemed to have added a lot of expectation for this movie- which would have been a spoilsport for majority of audienece. The script is the real hero, which keeps the story line bristling with energy all the way.
Surya would have done a better job than kamal. But Kamal's presence adds a majesty to the movie. His larger-than-real-life image definitely is a plus point. Jyothika acting skill are being tested in those sentimental moments in the movie- she did a fair job too. The goa song is an absolute inspiration from Bollywood movies; may be the director had intention of selling that song alone to any hindi movie :) The first half of movie unfolds clearly with no major hiccups, whereas second halg got slowed down by those unnecessary songs.When prakashraj and his wife got killed in Newyork, Kamal speaks to his boss asking him to be oathed to the case. His speaks so politely and I couldn't avoid comparing that with the situation where our softie frens speak politely to their manager to get an onsite assignment ;)
Few interesting moments from the movie:
When kamal and Jo meet in a hotel in NY-
K- "Raghavan"
Jo- "Aradhana"
K- "Enn??" (asking about the suicide attempt of her)
J- "Enna maniratnam padam meri dialogue pesiringa?"  :)
Kamal goes out on investigation with detective Anderson in NY
K- "I have a gut feeling"
A- "What? what feeling you said"
K- "Back home it is called Raghavan instinct"

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ranjhith said...

My friend told me its a story from one of RajeshKumar's novels.

I remember one more incident in that movie. Thats when Jo thinking Kamal to be a Software Engineer & he explains him to be a Police Officer.

Ragavan, staying in... ready, come on, yeah! Let's go...

Nirek said...

probably rajesh kumar novel-aa kudaa irukellam! all gory murders....only Rajeshkumar can write like that. I stopped reading his novels long time back.
yep. K- "Software, no...Me Hardware. Police officer"

ranjhith said...

Good yaar, u remember all the dialogues!

Nirek said...

there are few lighter moments/dialogues. so could able to remember it! Did you like Anbe sivam dialogues by madan. I love them, that i remember few important conversations in it da!

ranjhith said...

Ya I too liked them. I remember a few thoughts out of Kamal's dialogues. Don't remember the exact phrases. Truly inspiring movie.
U & me are Shivam!

BTW, How abt logging all the "DeadlyDiaglogs" you come across in a seperate blog? If you like the idea, gimme credits! >:O)

Nirek said...

"Deadlydialogs" idea nalla irukka. But not going to start it and all. If somebody start, i may contribute to it. Its not that great interesting stuff, isn't it? Its subject matter of few blogposts, dont need a separate blog yaar.

Few dialogues from Anbe sivam
"Ofcourse every dog has it own day and they say love is blind"
k- "yaro orathanakaga irakapadara manasu than kaduvul. Mr.Ars, you are god"
M- "So you"
K- "yeah, I know that"
M- "You are last world's freak man"

tulipspeaks said...

thanks for the visit and wishes.
watched this movie today as my birthday treat :). should agree with ur points here. but thats a funny combination of the killer duo. even the we, the audience were like..hey, are those guys homosexuals? hahahaha..


Nirek said...

Thanks for the visit!
Yeah, I hv found it very funny when they villano duo turned out to be gay! Its comedy twist to their relationship! ha ha ha