25 September, 2006

Are girl's really weaker sex?

After spending a weekend with Freakonomics, I started asking questions on so-called conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is a false fact but that got wide popularity among the masses. Just because everyone of yester world told us that girls are emotionally dependent, don’t take those statements for granted. I wish to quote some statistics to put forward this argument, but I didn’t get one good case study. I will try to get one. I am taking cues from my life. My friends who are girls impressed me a lot in terms of emotional maturity. All are very much independent and with right mix of social nature. My first impression about them is all are running with clear direction in their life. I couldn’t resist quoting this dialogue from a Tamil film “Ah Aah” a.k.a “Best friend”. The dialogue as said by heroine’s alter ego is:

Heroine: “Pasanga marathuten solluvanga, ana onnumey maraka mattanga. And ponnunga marathuten sonna, avalothan”
Translation: Guys will keep on saying that they forgot her from his life, but he never forgets anything. But when girls say they forget him from his life, that’s the end of it.

In this ever changing world, do you think this old adage (that girls are weaker sex) still holds true?

Courtesy: The picture in the left is of photograph of a sculpture called "Cupid and Psyche". It is a grand work on artist Grayden.

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ranjhith said...

Weaker sex? Afterall, They just make you weak! >:O)

BTW, the dialog is true only for the movie. It all happens with both sexes.

One more fact: Every girl I know has a Boy Friend. U say they are weaker?

Nirek said...

I am also hitting goal from your side. I dont think so they are weaker.
we are pretty emotional da....i dont think so gals are. :)

dialogue- no comments. I am writing from my experiences and inferences. Probably your are more experienced than me in this...to predict correctly.

tulipspeaks said...

lolz. no way fren. we r no whr the word WEAK.


Nirek said...

thats great to hear! I am sure most girls are very strong emotionally!