06 November, 2006

The weekend that was

On friday night, We were in the Bengalooru (!) airport to send off our friend. One of my roommate had left for HongKong on that day. He is an embedded system techie. He had accepted a job offer and going there on long term work permit. Is it some kind of precursor to this trend? The china story is becoming more prominent in embedded industry now. Indians are losing in competition with chinese engineers in embedded field.

On a lighter sense, we had a quite entertaining time while waiting for his early morning flight in airport. Two of his girl friends were also there. They were sweet chatterboxes. We didn't have to do much action, they would start with some topic and kept on dragging my friend's legs. Driving (ooturuthu..ikku english translation nalla irukka??) is fun for me as long as I am not in the hot seat. :) Had a cold, ice-clad, Tropical Iceberg coffee on that cold night in aiport coffee day outlet. I love having cold drink in cold climate (Is it some weird habit of mine??!)

My college days was very interesting, thanks to 20 odd clubs there. We had a big Dramatix club, those guys are wholesome entertainers. They perform dance, ad-mad, adapt theme and adapt theme in lighter sense too. Here are few video clips from one of their comedy show. It was performed by my juniors batch. All credits goes to Balamurali (98-02 CIT) for uploading the videos to youtube.

On saturday night, I saw 'varalaru' movie with my friends. It was ok-ok movie, could have become more interesting if music was good. AR Rahman had done a lousy job for this movie. The story line kept people fixed in seats for the whole three hours. I had an interesting dialogues with a fanatic fan of Ajith after the movie

Some Ajith Fan Mr.X: "Super movie-ila da". He was clapping for long time after the show
Me: "Ada pavi, intha kadi padathu poi oruthen superb movie-ina sollaran da" (i was passing comments with my friends)
Another Ajith Fan Mr. Y: "Sir, intha movie-ku enna korachal?" "It gathered three crores in the first week in tamilnadu itself, theriyumma??" "And you know what, this movie is going to Japan for a release"
Me: "Aiyo, nanga kashtapatathu pothatha??! japan makkale vere Ajith torture pannunuma??" :)
Mr.Y: "Enna sir, ippadi sollintingo? Intha padam nalla illaney sollaru muthal allu neenga than sir"
Me: "Ithellam too much boss" :)

We left the conversation then itself, but it would have hurted his sentiments on Ajith. He was morachifying (staring at) me for the remaining time, when we were coming down from PVR. ;)

The culinary experience of eating sea foods is taken to new heights in 'The Kudla' restaurant. I was dining in this restaurant with my cousins and his friends on sunday night. Had a memorable time with crab, fish and all sea living creatures ;) I would definitely recommend this restaurant for all my friends. It can boast itself for serving best sea foods in the city. Note for all those whom I promised a treat in the city: I will host you a dinner in this restaurant if you are a non-veggie.

Koncham 'polambals' time:
Depression has become a vicious addiction for me. I was (atleast trying desperately) free from depression of love break for quite a while now. But few incidents put me back in the depression cycle once in a while. My pillow might have had count on number of nights I slept with wet eyes. I am happy that I didn't torture any of my friend by narrating my feelings to him during this time. My independent attitude kept me silent now. One of my best buddies in US of A has recently scrapped me in orkut asking me,
She: "Nirek, How's life? What's happening in her end? Any updates"
Me: "Hey, I am just sticking to your words. I am waiting for her to speak to me. so no talks and no hurts till now. Life is sailing on"
She: "Thats good for you, Enjoy"
But, I got back into depression cycle yesterday because of my trip towards Malleshwaram in bike. I went there to meet my cousin yesterday. I was travelling in same roads which had a beautiful past memories about my love. For a split second, I thought I will drop plan of going in the road and go back to home. Then somehow managed to go to my cousin's house in sadashiv nagar. I was silent for the whole day and slowly depression thoughts has creeped in. First love and first love break are not definitely a good memories to live with. I wish I move out of this city as soon as possible. There are some developments in that side. Will keep you posted guys.

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ranjhith said...

> I was travelling in same roads which had a beautiful past memories about my love.

Like the scene of SJ Suryah at the signal rising his bike accelerator, in the movie Anbe Aaruyure!

Nirek said...

scene ella onnum than. Ana i hate getting compared with that BF director SJ surya...
vera ethum comparison kidakillaya??

Anonymous said...

gud one!

Ghost Particle said...

hemm...china is cheaper and dont demand much and they work as a collective minus the trouble of peer fights. Hence they are going to take away everything frm India. Heard that even callc enters are moving out to Malaysia and China. Pity.

Does Coffee day serve everything that Star Bucks have at a cheaper price?

I dont like ur new identity change bro. U are more towards non-Tamils now. Sorry for that.,

Ghost Particle said...
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Nirek said...

@white forest
thanks buddy.


>>U are more towards non-Tamils now
why do u say that? there is nothing in name. I chose a name which look stylish and fits my character.

>>I dont like ur new identity change bro.
:( why??

>>china story
We will see it soon happening in India. I wish we move up the ladder in career so that Indians can use china's workaholics engineers for improving productivity

>>coffee day
I haven't been to starbucks. But coffee day outlet is too good. i love it

Jeevan said...

The chinese are looking towards western, they are improving there standart. The video's are Funny!

Next to our Superstar, Ajith's film is going to release in Japan! good.

Nirek said...

>> The video's are Funny!
thanks bro. thats my college juniors

>>Next to our Superstar, Ajith's film is going to release in Japan! good.
Is it good for japanese? i think they will hate tamil movie if they see ajith's movies...
ippadi vijay fan-irunthutu ajith-a support panalama??
bad bad bro!

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

the sooner low end IT work moves to non metro's the better for indian companies and india.
1. will decongest cities
2. cut costs
3. employees will stick around for longer time with the company say in trichy or myladuthurai :-) than in bangalore.
4. we can leverage cost efficiencies of tier 2 and tier3 cities against china.

Nirek said...

thats true. Bangalore may have brought IT to India, but now sky high costs of bangalore is making people shy away from India.
Tier 2 cities are easier option, but will we like to work there..
for me chennai is ok, any city less than that will not attract me!

Ashish said...

There are lots of IT companies that are moving to non-metros as well, and this would be a good trend. Explore the whole of India before going to China or elsewhere.
The other option is to have an Indian IT company opening an office in China so that ownership is Indian.

Nirek said...


Thats fair arugment bro. Non-metros and tier 2 cities are defnitely an option. Indian IT scene wont sustain for long term with ther current cost factors in cities like bangalore.
china also got qualified engineers!

Indians owning companies in china sounds healthy! but that will not help majority of the population here. we can grow up in software quality ladder and get low end things done from china!

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

people trying to stay in hi-fi metro's is a part of the problem.

city like mumbai are not anywhere in IT race as new people wont go because its congesteed etc.., and mumbaikars wont move out because of its lifestyle. kind of deadlock.
look around in any IT company , see the % of mumbaikars and compare it with chennai or coimbatore guys.

Nirek said...

WHat's issue u want to bring forth by mumbai ex? I didnt get it.
Yep true, people wants to stay in city is an issue. quality of life is very bad in other cities, thats why we stick to metros

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

if a city gets congested or costly the companies get out. but people will stay on because of lifestyle , but since there are no new jobs coming the city becomes an industrial black hole.

mumbai/ kolkata are case points.

big city fixation is ruinous to people and nation

the bottom line is either you move to a small town and help cut costs , or stay in a metro and see your job flying to china.

small towns will not be small towns forever, shenhen is a boom city today , 10 years back it was a fishing village.

if people are willing to move service and utility providers will also ivest in small towns and quality of life improves.

Nirek said...

Isn't it like a classic chicken and egg problem?
Inrastructure will develop if people move to small cities and People will only move if infrastructure is good in small cities
You got a touche on saying ' help reduce IT costs and save IT jobs in India'. I perfectly agree with u!

Jeevan said...

"ippadi vijay fan-irunthutu ajith-a support panalama??" this was not like supporting Ajith! We should be proud that our tamil film was releasing in a forgign language, its really a happy news know, who every can be act, but its our Tamil film.

Nirek said...

ennomo sir. neenga sonna seriyathan irukkum!