20 November, 2006

Live life like a kid!

Kid's world revolves around simple logic, he/she wants to do whatever interests her. You can see big guys cribbing over a boring job, but continue to do that job. But you can never force a kid to do whatever she don't like, not even for a minute. I found babysitting with my nieces Harini and Sakthi always interesting. Thats what I did for past 3 days in chennai. Lovely Kids, lovely weekend too! :) I have few photos here.

Wish you all a great week ahead! Have a good day!
Start you work with Bebot song from Black Eyed Peas!

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tulipspeaks said...

aww..kids.. i always love kids.. *dreaming..

thats rite..their life is simple yet it holds magic. looking back in time.. i still wish i'll hv the life i had 20 yrs back.


Nirek said...

being with kid saves me from day2day tensions! I gotto give my 100% when i am with my niece! interestin time :)