25 November, 2006

A Vagabond Strolls On - 3

There is nothing wrong in this Hutch sms Advertisement.
"Hutch launches limited period offer. Get 1yr validity on 299 RC. Local calls @ 30p to Hutch, 50p to other mobiles, 99p to landline. All STD@1.50/min."
The irony: This sms advertisement came on my Airtel mobile connection. Wow :)

I saw Alaipayuthey movie yesterday (may be nth time, lost track of count). The movie is awesome, it has all freshness of any latesht movie.Classic movies like this can be made only once, and magic can be given only by genius like Maniratnam. All characters are sweet darlings, the cast of best human beings. Even the fights between the couple are downplayed to a greater extent than what happens in real life (Are those fights also come under jurisdiction of new Domestic violence law?) . Mani had shown the necessary limits in expressing emotions in all scenes viz. depression of the couple when they seprate for first time, the fights between the couple, her father's death, the accident scene, fun with friends, the emotion of ideal couple (Mrs & Mr Ram)... All scenes would have crossed the thin border between interesting emotions to boredom, but the limits played by director saved them. The usage of silence in dialogues is much pronounced in Mani's movies. Silence observed by the couple in teasing times keeps the relationship going. Most of ugly fights are averted by that meaningful silence between the couples. The movie is a lesson for wannbe directors and wouldbe couples too. Classic song from the movie...

As heard from Radio Indigo
"Life will become more peaceful if you start accepting whatever your girl does is always right"

Ogden Nash's Aphorism with similar logic
"To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it; Whenever you're right, shut up."

I have a big doubt. Are all advertisement guys ran out of their mind? Why do they have to feature a beautiful girl with/without dress in some cool product advertisement? For ex...this is advt for copper tiles.

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Anonymous said...

Me firshtu...
There is one same line in your post & mine... :D
//Are those fights also come under jurisdiction of new Domestic violence law?//
Hehehe...My answer is on my post..

Well, neenga rombbba ensoi panni pathrukeenga pola...Same feeling...
However i love Kandukondaen mora than this...Idhula some of the things screened arent practical i feel..Anaalum nalla review..;)

And yeah- Tile AD - iva enn ipdi ukandhutrukka...I guess the one who designed it was against the company...To prove the customers dumb enough to accept such a DUMB AD & guy the tiles...
All men out there -- Never buy that tile... :P If you buy, it is a way of proving u r a dumb fool... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..HUTCH sms in airtel ;) Awesome :)

praveen said...

I love alaipayuthe but wasnt too fond of the cinematography

visithra said...

That is my all time fav movie - the love the emotions the arguments

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

I once saw a spicejet air, "dont waste time travelling by train"
it was posted in indian railways website

Nirek said...


Unga post pathuthan, enaku intha question-a vanthichu...will read that post of urs for answer.

kandukonden wasn't in my best movie
list! :(

Naan anthu tile vangalaminu irunthen, ana neenga thituratha parthapuram kandippa vangamatten! :)

welcome back. happy to see u came back to blog world again.

cinematography pudikilaya? PC sriram sothapitara?? :)

ya visi, its movie which potrayed life in its very essence, still interesting!

eppadi ithellam allow panranga? too much!

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

going to hit 6000, (stat count) advance congrats,

Avi said...

Hey a very gud blog maite ! Will surely drop by again . Keep posting.

Nirek said...

thanks dude.

thanks dude. Welcome here!