20 November, 2006

Laugh out dude!

We (me, anna and Harini) went out for shopping in evening. Just when we were busy buying out the groceries for home, Harini was yelling at her loud voice
Harini: Apppppppppppaaaaaa...... (at her Peak voice)
My Anna: Ennada chellam?? (thinking she got something important to ask him)
Harini: Nalla irukiyaaaa? (in her childish's voice)
Ohh Man, You should have seen my anna's face then!

My other niece Sakthi started going to play school from july this year. She is a popular star in her school now for her naughty remarks and questions.
Teacher: Sakthi, stop crying. I will call your mom.
S: Mam. I stopped crying. Prrr(giggles)... Where is my mom? (she starts crying again)

My dad took out Harini for walking. Walking for Harini means she will sit in your hands pretilly, you gotto walk around! Yeah, its walking for you guys, but pleasure funny ride for her. My dad never got used to this idea....He took out her for small distance and quizzes her
Dad: Walking nalla irunthicha??!!
Harini: Enna thatha, ingeye irukkom. Sithappa suthi suthi povanga.....Neeyum thokkitu po
Dad: Ennala mudiyathuda....
H: Nee seriyilla thatha, Appo veetikooo po!

Sakthi's teacher was complaining to my cousin (her dad) about her naughtiness in school.
Teacher: Next week there is fancy dress competition in our school. I gave butterfly role to your daughter
Cousin: Wow! thats wonderful role. Mmmm....
Teacher: But you see, She is not standing in one place. She is very much active (she is complaining with intention that parents will force sakthi to be calm in show)
Cousin: Ohh, thats your problem You see. Which butterfly in this world will stay in one place?
Now you know...he is one more freak. She got bugged up with that answer, left that place and started complaining to her mom now.

I am laughing at loudly in office today, it's because of this Russel Peters videos. Wow man! He is crazy, he got his head filled up with all parodies to tease all races in this world dude! Lovely show!

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha! Kids! :) So u r chithapa?

Nirek said...

yeah dear. I am a proud sithappa! Love that role a lot also!

visithra said...

awww so cute - children r adorable ;p

Nirek said...

:) lol