02 November, 2006

Call It A Day!

The situation when I got to submit resignation letter to boss is too tough for me to handle. I found it tough irrespective of the boss being good or bad. I had faced this situation three times before. No prizes for guessing that I am in the fourth company in my career ;)
My first boss was a professor. I never interacted with him much throughout that time frame. He was known for his mood swings. No one dare to touch his rooms for his scolding. That day, I decided to quit. I was waiting for him in his room. After he came, I silently showed him my resignation letter. He looked at me up and down as if some UFO had entered his room.
He: 'where are you going?'
Me: I told him so and so place
He: 'Oh, you are going to a government organization. That's good for me.' Then he started stating his termination conditions and said 'You got to stay with our organization for one more month. Even if it is a day less, I will make sure that your new company will withdraw your offer'
Me: 'Yes sir, Ok sir, yes sir'
I decided to silently work for that notice period, 'who knows he may be so powerful to screw up my career'. After few days, he met me on the way to my lab. That time, he had forgotten what had happened before and the threats he made on that day. He coolly asked me 'What Satheesh? Haven't you joined the new organization yet? What are you waiting for?'. I was standing then dumbstruck, silently laughing at his memory.
My second boss knew about my resignation before hand itself. He was a friendly boss, so didn't have much trouble to get relieved. I was using his computers all the time. On that day, I went to office early at 8'o clock, typed in my resignation letter, and took printout. Then came out to chat with my friends. He walked into the office at 9'o clock. There was a small hesitation in my mind while entering his cubicle. I prayed for 2 minutes, and then entered.
Me: 'Sir, I got a new job'
He: 'So, at last you got the breakthrough you wanted? Did you decide to quit?'
Me: 'Yes sir'
He: 'Can I know which company you are going to join. It is not necessary for you to say the company name, I just wanted to know out of curiosity'
Me: I told him the company name.
He: 'I never heard this name before. Is it Indian or MNC?'
Me: I told him the stories. Usual blah, blah. I showed my resignation letter.
He: 'Oh...this letter has got lot of errors. Check in the office, they will help you in give you proper formats for resignation letters'
Me: 'Thank you sir'
He is a nice boss. But I had never been a good team member for him, opposed him often in arguments. Yet he gave a good testimonial for me during farewell. Though that resignation talk was an easy one, I couldn't forget those 2 minutes of hesitation before entering his cubicle. All the relationships we built over the years get destroyed when we decided to quit. Isn’t it? I felt guilty and confused then.
My resignation date with my third boss was filled with all sentimental talks. He is the best boss ever I can get. He is friendly, strict, and clear in his role. He was my mentor throughout my career. I love him for all good things he had done to me. On that day, as per my friend's suggestion, I sent out an email to him
'Sir. I want to talk to you for 5 minutes. Do call me when you are free'. He would have got hint on my resignation with that mail, because that was the customary sentence in pre-resignation mails in my office. He indeed called me before lunch. We spoke for 2 hours. That talk was full of sentiments. I revered him as my mentor. I didn’t want to leave the company or his team.
Me: 'Sir, I know how friendly you are. That’s why I want to talk openly about my career. I got a job offer from so-and-so place. I know I am your best student. Wish you don't stop me from going ahead in my career. You advices made my career and now I am like the bird that learnt good stuffs in your school. Don't clip my wings and allow me to grow in my career':)
It was full of sentiments. But those are not lies. I felt so while talking.  On hindsight, those talks are looking very funny. He would have laughed at my reasoning for resignation ;)
My friends were teasing me then as I was known for tacit character before.
'Ada paavi, unna poi amathiyana paiyaninnu nenchom. Ippo evalo senti talks adichi resign pannirikey. ennomo kalukku'

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Nirek said...

ohh man. I can understand that. I know how dear digibee was to your heart

praveen said...

that was soo touching man...lolz

Nirek said...

thanks buddy! It wasn't intended to be touching post. i wanted it to be a funny description of those tough situations

Ghost Particle said...

what happened to SATU?!!!!

Ghost Particle said...

be the best wher ever u are bro. best the best do the best and aspire for the best. Expereince is everything, so does a content heart. IF you feel comfy stay there, if you need money then jump, if you need a change of pace then jump.

Good LUck.

Nirek said...

>>what happened to SATU?!!!!
i will reply it later

and thanks bro for the frenly advice. I dont change jobs often!

Nirek said...

I am not resigning this job dude. this post is just my memories abt old incidents!

LiveMyDreams said...

hahaha..... i thought u r goin 2 resign frm tht current job too... ;)