02 March, 2006

NGO- Non grudging organisation

During my course of interview in SPJIMR, we veered into discussion on NGO's work in India.With due respect to their works, I took an offsensive stance against joining them for my livelihood. Question put forth to us was: "In 2008, the placement committee in SPJIMR will stop inviting corporate honchos and only call NGO to campus for placmenents. If that is the case, will you opt to join this institute or not?". I said I will not go to NGO for my livelihood. I have my own vision and I dont want to be in draining side of resource, thats is NGO who need corporates to sponsor their program. I wish to be in corporate side which sponsor the NGO work.
Well, thats impression in my mind about NGO till now. On hindsight, I found NGO are the only things which work in India. They have volunteered to take a call to serve back their society. Its not a draining resource kind of work, but a real constructive deal. I am planning to put in honest efforts this month to understand some of their work, align with them if it fits my idea to serve society. I will write more on my efforts later also. Now time for action.
[+] I have found this link which lists all NGOs which are based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Link
[+] Tag for fellow bloggies, If you happen to work with NGOs earier and wish to show me that world, I am willing volunteer waiting to work with you. You could lead me
[+] Tag for NGOs who stepped in my blog, I am a go-ready volunteer who wish to work with you. If you need my service, I am willing to work with you to the max extent possible.
[+] Hope, I found this one from Barbie's blog. Real tear-jerking one.
one of my favorite quite from Zen world.
When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
The teacher does not come to those who need to be convinced. Let them go to the preacher. The teacher is for those who believe and are ready to take the steps to fulfill the promise.
I am ready for NGO work. Where is my teacher? :)

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ada-paavi!!!! said...

NGO are doing some useful work, but its not black and whyte, there are cases when NGOs have guzzled funds and misapporiated them like in nagaipattanam after the tsunami. ngos have also been used as vehicles to propogate christianity like world vision.

ngo do manage to do some good, i think u shud do a lot of research about the NGO before joining them. dont be in a hurry. this is frm my experience of working with an NGO

Nirek said...

@Vatsan. Definitely take your word on it. I need a good reference to a good NGo definitely.

Ghost Particle said...

over here NGO are held on leashes by the government. while they do their work sometimes, most of the times they eat people's money too. there is no trully perfect system. but then again we are he to work towards one. whatdya say satu?

Barbienan said...

hey i will get you the information about joining the NGO.Infact once I talk to my cous i can help you a lot. And NGO's dont really cheat and I know how difficult its for them to raise funds. Will mail you in detail once I get all info to uplift you morales. Thanks for showing such serious interests.

Nirek said...

@gp... Nothing is perfect in this world bro. Hv a heard abt this incident in mumbai - government want to know what ppl think abt corruption and called for public grievance meeting. planned for more than 1000 people and they hired a big hall for the discussion....but at last only 50-60 guys turned up to talk abt corrupt officials and they r all old~ People know everyhting in world is corrupt and we basically learnt to live with it....

Nirek said...

@barbie...thanks. will wait for your inputs... i read in ur blog abt ur cousin who does a lot of social work. well mail me any details u get