29 March, 2006

How my work should be

I was speaking to lot of prospective candidates for my video codec team in my company. We call it technical interview formally, otherwise I try to make it a casual chitchat on technical aspects. Next time you sit for an interview, listen to those people's reasons for job-hop. "I had been asked to do some junk program", "We have no clear work goal for future", some time funny reasons too "my fiancee is working in Bangalore, so I am shifting". Undoubtedly the top reason will be not-so challenging work. Retaining human talents will be tough tasks for all managers in a booming economy(like the IT and ITES scene in India now). So here are two my two quick points I could think on "how my work should be".

1. Motivating work: We give out our full performance when we understand why are we doing that work. Always quoted, Ants and squirrel work actively throughout the year. It is because they work to meet the needs for a lean winter period. Knowing work's objective will score first rank in motivation. If you are a manager and wants to assign a work to your team, then first speak to them regarding the objective and how their work will fit in the main mission.

2. Challenging work: The work that is assigned to an individual, should be well above his ability. Must be demanding one. People learn a lot when they get challenged in the work. And needless to say people dont move away from places where the learning curve is steep. So next time, when you ask your subordiante to meet a schedule: make sure that he cant finish the work within the alloted time unless he puts in some helluva hardwork. I did crib before when my manager given me impossible schedule. But no words can describe the proud feeling you get after finishing the challening task, and go to your boss and say "Dekho, Here are the results!"


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Barbienan said...

This is quite true. But our great employers always recurit guys one level below than what they deserve and make them do any donkeys job if its related or not.Hail the slavish employers. Huh..So our objective and motive stands its own point somewhere far.

Nirek said...

@barbie. If we are clear abt our career, is it necessary to work under those boss!??