14 March, 2006

This is what I call braggin ;)

Here are few testimonials on me written by my frens in my earlier company- when I left that company in January. Though a bit late to blog those lovely words, it serves the purpose of bragging for the day. Just kidding guys ;) Never mind.

  • First of all i like to Congratulate u .  I remember u helped me from the day of my Interview
     till now in all aspects. U guided me very well.I feel ** will miss ur presence.
  • I think i going to miss one of the Best & Remember Friend or Younger brother.
    Life is always (missing someone & getting someone) pure random process. It shouldn't be stationary.Go ahead for ur wonderful feature.
    Our Memory always with us.
  • When I joined ** you are the active member to help everyone of us (esp. when we r struggling in the beginning) and encouraged us. ur friendly
    approach made all of us to interact very closely with u. ur helping tendency and easy approach made u a very good friend for all of us.
    People come and go but only a few leave behind memories......memories to cherish and to live with and u will always be fondly remembered as a man behind it.
    Wishing u all success in all ur future endeavours.
  • Hi anna...................
    I think this is my first mail to u and it happens to be my last mail to this id too............
    Any way u are one among my well wishers and I can't  forget u as u r my first guide in my first job......
    Thank U so much for what u have been.................
  • Wish you all the success in the world to you...
    Keep in touch with us always.........
  • Though we didn't have much conversation,you helped me whenever i needed from
    you. All the very best for your bright future.
  • The foremost thing in your which astonished me is your rate of Debugging!!!!. Really. Not only the speed, but also the logical way to
    approach the bug and solving it, was the first lesson I learned at **.
    Secondly, I found a very good dressing style in you, that too a pretty balanced one.
    I think your +ve is maintaining a balance in all activity which you do.Interested in technical,
    management, dance, etc. Giving importance to all  activities based on priority. In short versatility should be your +ve.
    The negative will not be a new one but +ve getting exaggerate towards to the left or right extream.

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Tht was nice and interesting to read.. Appears u miss those frends???

Nirek said...

@pon, yeah, thanks. ya miss my old team mates, anyway what to do... life goes on, where we leave all acquanitance in mid and go ahead with life! :)
really thanks for taking pains to read my show-off statements. ;)

smiley said...

And u friends miss u too :)
First time toyour blog interesting

Nirek said...

@smiley....thankz buddy for the compliements. you hv been to my blog earlier also. I remember seen ur comment before. I had changed my blog template in middle, may be thats the difference

satishprabu said...

Who is that random process? ehhh!! :>)

Nirek said...

@satish, Hey that random process is pradheepan's words on me! nalla thathuvam ila?! i found it to be filled with lot of intriguing meaning.