29 March, 2006

Fabulous Ad-World

Creativity in advertisements are always one-step-above-the-previous-year. I love all the advertisments with interesting ideas: Be it Hutchinson little Boy and cute Dog advertisment, AirDeccan's  Simplifly: with story of rural side kid and his father. I am impressed by this advertising world. As oscar is dream of all movie makers, Cannes Lion is dream award for ad world. In Cannes 2005 awards, three Indian ad world czars O&M, JWT and Leo Burnett had won silver lions. (I am eagerly waiting to see Cannes 2006 winners.)
Here is the winner of silver lion in outdoor category
The O&M Delhi ad for 'Art Centre'
(Click on the image for the enlarged picture)

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Barbienan said...

the best ad i ever adored was one when I saw it in korea. Its the statutory warning for smoking. A guy on motorway asks for a lift to a lady driving a car. She passes by without stopping and then realises the guy is smoking and comes back gives a pick up . THe wording at the end of this ad is "SMOKING CAUSES IMPOTENCY".No better warning than this

Nirek said...

@barbie.... lovely ad words those are.