08 March, 2006

International Women's day

Today morning while I was commuting to office, I was waiting in Traffic signal before a Montessori school for Kids. A mother came with her kid to drop him in school. She left them at school gate with his bag and was waiting near the gate till her kid get into his class. Think she may one more software engineer like us who has commitment and possible deadline to meet in her office. Yet she chose to put all her personal work behind the scene and be a good mother to her kid and see him grow up as a responsible citizen. Thats the power of womenhood. That poignant scene left a nostagic feeling of my childhood. My dad and mom has done a lot of sacrifices to give me a good education and a competitive environment to grow with. Looking back on their life, they always run with the mission to give us (me and my bro) a good life and had spent nearly two decades with thoughts about kids alone. (Maa and paa, I love you!)
A lot of women sacrifice their career to bring up the kid during their formative years. All their decision in life will become child-centered. Its tough to lead a life without selfish interest and its really tough to sacrifice our life for someone's growth. But women does that, dows that with ease and that shows the power of women and motherhood. Until a girl come to a man's life, his life is meaningless. Cometh the lady and if she happen to be a great homemaker, then come the rise in the man's life.Thats one aspect of viewing of women, as mother.
Women goes a long way in a competitive industry environment. I always found my women colleague to be matured in decision making, yet she is emotional. No wonder Bharti televentures's manages all their customer service centres with majority of fairer sex and ICICI top corporate big wigs are women. World has come a long way and earlier we had seen women getting suppressed in their life. But the new millenia wont be the same. This is generation of liberated women who leads life in all dimension.
IWD Tag  from Ponnarasi and GP
About: My Mom

Two things I like in her:
1. Freedom which i got from her to take my decision. Never tried to push her words on me
2. Unconditional love and care. Great homemaker. My career growth has its root in her sacrifices.

Two things I dislike in her:
1. Never said No to my requests. I am a pampered kid in my home, u see! ;)
2. She compromised her career growth for my education. she avoided a lot of her promotion in teaching field because it may demand her to work far away from home

Two dishes I love her preparing:
1. Dal, Rasam, vatha kuzambu and Potato curry
2. Idli podi, we call it a patented one ;). We also call it akkur(my native place)chutney
[+] UN's webpage on International women's day mission and workplans. Link
[+] History behind Women's day, Link
[+] Happy International Women's day 2006 to all my fellow blogger frens.

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Barbienan said...

Hey thanks satu, good to find people who respect women as wht they are.

Nirek said...

@barbie... Thanks yaar. Hope you had a great day there in hungary

Ghost Particle said...

the world need to know more and understand more of womens role and help them to achieve gender equality...

Nirek said...

@Gp.... Gud to see your message on International women's day on ur blog and earth2050. Time will come where gender bias will be unheard of. World is running fast on its mission, there will be no trace of inequaity to fairer sex soon!

karthik m said...

happy to join satu in hailing womanhood(esp the loving mothers at school gates)... but along hailing i have to accept that they baffle me!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Tht was a wonderful post..Idli podi..Sweet of u to make a mention abt IDLI PODI :D

Nirek said...

@kart... Can we say 'gals are an interesting puzzle to solve, but it takes a life long'??
@Ponnarasi.... Thanks sis! I took this tag from yours only. your post was also lovely....

Jayan said...

Great hit-rate da. Keep up the good work

Nirek said...

@Jayan....thanks da! Howz life there? Will meet u guys over this weekend here in bangalore!