20 March, 2006

Tag of Small things

Tagged by Pon. Here goes my version of the tag.
Movies I would watch over and over again
Anbe Sivam (Madan's dialogues, I love those....)
Ghilli  (I am ardent fan of Vijay)
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (For SRK, Karan johar and lovely songs)

TV shows I love to watch
Just for gags,Takeshi castle (Pogo)
Kaun Banega Crorepathi (Star). Any quiz shows. Derek- O- Brien is my fav quiz master

My favourite foods
Rasam sadam with potato curry.
Double cheese pizza.

My Greatest victories
Never ever teased/ill treated anyone till now. I am good guy la.
Jack of all trades (dance, sports, travel, adventure sports...) ;)
Place which I love to the core
This interesting Blogworld

Things that I hate
The cities where people chose to cheat others to lead their life
Noisy city atmosphere.

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
CK Prahlad, management guru.
CK Ranganathan, cavin-kare chairman
YC Deveshwar, ITC chairman (there was a typo there, ;) thanks barbie for the correcting me)

Things I dream often
Dancing Salsa with my dream girl (yet to meet in real life) :)

I would like to tag
Please take honor of tagging yourself if you want to write in these topics.

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Barbienan said...

YC Deveshwar - ITC chairman - Not just IT Chairman..I was working with this group for say 2 yrs luckily and wow i know his salary too :-)

Nirek said...

@barbie. the typo has been corrected. Thanks!
You didnt tell us what his salary is? love to hear those numbers...

Jayan said...

Hmmm. Salsa with your dream-girl ? Hope it doen't remain a dream ;)

Ghost Particle said...

hola amigo...comostas...those were nice tag answers....rasam is my fav too...thought nowaydays i hate game shows...

Nirek said...

@jayan....looks like it gonna be dream only atleast till my marriage.
where are u partyin with gf these day da?

@Gp...good to see u coming to blog world in these busy office hours too...
how is new work

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Was quiet interesting. Salza with dream girl.. Hm.. She shud know to dance as well. :)) Jus kiddin. Even if not u wud teach her. Is'nt it? Hehehe.
U watch POGO???? :o No harm. Jus askin out of curiousity..Wt abt cartoon network, disney channel???

n8ivwarrior said...

Interesting list.

I know very little of what you are referencing, but I will go look it up. I love learning about other cultures.

Nirek said...

@pon....I will defnitely teach her salsa if she dunno.
Pogo... i know somebody gonna pull my leg for quoting serials in kid's channel. Well, there are lot of kids in my family. I love to spend some time sitting with them, see the channels they enjoy. That way i used to see pogo for my niece and bro's sake when i was in chennai.
these 2 programs are absolutely great! lovely, funny ones.

@john. hi.. most welcome to google on these topics.
well most of pertinent things related to culture in south India.
why not you write on this tag on your blog also...