18 March, 2006

Listening to music sucks at times

I love music and kinda lend my ear to any genre of music -provided it sounds fine. Ohh, I listen to bad rocks which hurts my ears too. We have creative 2.1 sound system in home connected to the computer. Daily morning, after getting up from the bed, play the favorite songs in those speakers loudly. "Damn....goddaman those stupids" you should hear those words from our neighbours. Who cares?
Well, coming back to title issue, I cant do two things parallely esp. listening to music and work. I had seen people working madly with their earphones on and playing music all over the day. Had lot of frens who suggest me songs to hear during work hours. Seeing them, I got enthused to replicate the same. Never, never once I succeeded. After starting to work with headphones on, right after 5th minute, you can bet I will throw my headphones away.
How much you get pissed off when a cow standing in mid of the road stops you from rushing to office? It happens in bangalore often. Just checked the statistics about their population. Number of cows and buffaloes in India is about 300 Million. Roughly, they are 1/3 of Indian population (1.06 Billion). God save democratic India if cows decided to take its rights and walk into roads. ;)

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n8ivwarrior said...

It is a shame the cow is holy. That many cows could feed a nation.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi, You are tagged. Pls check out my blog to know more.. Will be happy to see if u write ur tag.

Nirek said...

@n8ivwarrior, thanks for dropping by.

@pon...jus cheked the tag, will post my writeup on tag soon.
hv a great day!