29 March, 2006

Time rolls again

After few months of rest, I am back in the preparation mood again. Yesterday I have joined TIME institute for CAT preparation. This time opted for weekday batch, and will be busy attending morning classes in weekdays for the forthcoming Common Admission Test (CAT 06) for IIMs (Indian Institute of Managements). Wish me good luck, folks!
I love the training insitute for the one and only reason, they maintain the tempo for the competitive exams till the end. These guys will make you hard work and plan you work. I am lazy bumm and unless join the courses like these, I wont put in a systematic practise. CAT is a wonderful competitive exam format in India, it is also love-at-first-sight. IIM profs plan a lot to bring the latent talent in people and handpick the smart brains of the country to give the best management education.
The first-look feeling of those training books made me workout some exercise in them till 1.00AM in night yesterday. (First day always go better, only perseverance is must for these works ;) Lets see I bell the CAT this year).
I have some more catchy plans for the summer time. I am planning to go for intensive dance training this summer. Swingers Bangalore going to organise summer camp with 20 days of training in HipHop, Salsa, Jazz and RockNRoll. The training camp ends with a stage show. I am planning to enrol for this camp.

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Razib Ahmed said...

How is your preparation of CAT exam is going? It is a
good news that  the number of

H1B Visas may increase to 1,15,000 from the current quota of 65,000
.Are you
planning to apply or do you like to stay in India?

Nirek said...

@razib. welcome to my blog world! CAT prep is just started. Yet to go a long mile.
My field of work never needs so many visas. I am an embedded software pro working on DSPs we dont need to travel to USA for work. I wont apply for the same. I welcome the announcement, it will help lot of our fellow softies to travel to land of immigrants.

Ghost Particle said...

bro, live your life! I see you loving every bit of it and I know you will succeed.

Nirek said...

@gp...Yo bro. Thank you. howz life there? hope you got settled nicely in ur new work and environment

satishprabu said...

Success is at your hands reach, but all that is needed is perseverance, with which you are armed, will help you to reach great heights. Wishing you a good luck.

Nirek said...

@Whiz kid....hey bro. long time no see or no words from you.
thank a lot for the wishes