27 February, 2006

Mumbai Weekend!

I was in Mumbai in this weekend for interview in SP Jain Institute of Management Research. Interview went cool, everybody got fairly equal chance to speak up. Yet I didnt clear the first round of interview. Chalo. Yet to plan for fallback options. In short, questions asked to our group:
1. Tell about yourself and why MBA at this time?
2. There were specific questions on each of us - on dropuout years in career and job hops in career.
3. It slowly turned towards GD- Is social consequences need to be taken into account when Industry comes up with new products. Ex. Whether Ratan Tata should think about traffic congestion in cities if he introduces 1-lakh car to India. Whats your take on it?
4. why the specilisation in MBA? in my case, why marketing?
5. For work-ex people, why not you choose Executive MBA program? why do you want to do 2-year full time course.
Everybody got equal chance to speak and GD was well controlled. I spoke my heart, may be little crass, I believe. On hindsight, I could refine my answers for question and prepare well for always-asked questions type. Its was shocking and disappointing then. chalo. Life is full of battles where success and failure come in a wave.
[+] I lost my new Sony Ericsson K750i mobile to stupid pickpocketers in Mumbai sub-urban train. Thats the sickening part of whole weekend. Do you people know any way we could block the mobile instrument with the help of IMEI number or track the mobile's location with the same.
Hey buddies, here is an article which says Police traced the mobile with IMEI number and with the help of ISPs in AP, India. Link... And this article says tracking mobile with IMEI number is only on special investigation cases and upto operator's discretion. Link
Apart from all this, the day I lost the mobile, SE has release new model, the successor to K750i. Thats K800i with 3.2Mpizel camera and QVGS video.
Check this....
[+] Otherwise had a fantastic weekend in Mumbai with Anna, Anni and my nephew SriHari (7 yr old). We went into INS Viraat. (Bt.My cousin in Cdr in Indian Navy.) Had a party with Mel-jol group in Mumbai. Mel-jol means get-togther. There are about 15 families formed this group with plans to trip to Mumbai's previously unknown place. More later. bye for now. wish you all a great day!
[+] Happy End of this blog: My blog visitor status crossed 1000 mark. Its an interesting moment for me! I am always inspired by big guys in Blogworld with big numbers in web stat counter. I envy you all guys :) Gp, Visi, jayan .....

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Barbienan said...

Hey..sorry about your mobile..But forget it and dont take pain in blocking them. They hardly succeed. And i am sorry to say mumbiates, i dont like that city..in 4 days i fell sick and lost 6 kgs, due to crowd and heat.

Nirek said...

@barbie...thanks for support. Though i have great regards of Mumbai, this experience left a bad memory abt the city. Bombday's hot is really irritating and tiring these days.

Mustafa said...

Hmmm...., lost your spanky new mobile, crowded trains like there is no tomorrow, May-like heat in month of February ....

Welcome to Bombay, (oops Mumbai), Bro :-)


Ghost Particle said...

Happy 1000 hits satu...very sorry on your HP lost..man that must have been painfull!

U can contact your telco to let them block your sim card...but you must have had a password for your phone so that they could not acess it. But its practically easy to screw the phone by hitting the reset button and then reinstalling new software. so 0 for good guys and a 1 for bad guys. sorry.

Hiren said...

Congratulations. Bombay is always fantastic.

visithra said...

Humm like you said better luck next time - n sorry about the phone - just glad ure ok

congrats on the 1000th mark crossing - beginings are always like that ;) itll catch up soon ;)

Jayan said...

O, that is bad news da. A new SE... mustve cost u a lot of dosh !!

Nirek said...

@Gp, Thanx for congrats!
I enquired with cellfone operators for tracking or blocking the mobile phone with IMEI number. Which is not at all possible in India it seems...thats crazy man! Painful incident in memories about my 9-days old friend (my new SE)

@Hiren. Thanks. Bombay is always a great city. I tend to like all big cities which run on its toes always. U know what....i was travelling in a fully packed train in Bombday this time on SUNDAY. I never found that before in any city. crowds normally dont move on weekend....but bombday is working in 24x7 mode

@visi. Thanks for the caring message.

@jayan. its a 9-day old buddy da... jus bought it in last weeeknd. :( Howz life there?

icyblue said...

Awww...that is really sad to know that u lost ur mobile.... Some ppl just can't learn to buy their own stuff.. :(

Congrats on 1000 hits... It is a superb feeling :)


ada-paavi!!!! said...

congrats on 1000th hit,

hard luck on phone, freeya vidu vera phone vaandu

Nirek said...

@Icy....Thanks buddy. Howz life there?
@Vatsan... Thanks bro. After losing mobile, i cant do anything further other than lamenting...what to do??

karthik m said...

ya... its really hard... how it hurts when a man looses the latest hot model (no pun intended)... dont worry... wait a while creative brahmas are at full flow... you would have a better model in near future in your hands... and wish you on the thousand hits... carry on buddy!

Nirek said...

@kart...thanks bro. Its been long since i heard from you. u have to send me your mobile number also man, i have lost all my contact address book (thats really paining part of it). I am thinking on your line...whether to wait for some other good mobile or jus get some cheaper ones.

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Anonymous said...

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