13 February, 2006

Cats are better than Dogs!

Hey folks, found it to be too asbstrat to start discussion on. This is my GC topic in IMS CAT achiever forum held in Bangalore. Abstract topics are given to stimulate the creative aspect of management. Feel free to add your view in comments section.
Here are my views
  • In animal world, cat is unique evolution which knows to be independent. Dogs are evolved as highly dependant organisms. Though dogs found to be better pet animals, cat's independant nature is always lauded by humans. Cats adapted themselved better to survival, if you throw cat from tall heights, it learns to land smoothly to see the world back again.
  • Cats were icons of god in real life in past. Egyptian mummies were found to be preserved with Cat shaped coffins. Dogs dont have pretty great history behind them ;) Wink
  • Leave alone the animal enviroment, cats are symbolised as CEO's of an organisation and dogs denotes the faithful workers in the crew. ofcourse intelligent and smart ceo is better than faithful worker in a co.
  • CAT is entrance exam for IIMs and dogs can be compared with any other exam where you cram for long time. CAT brings out smart people from the big chunk of dumb humans
  • Cat like sport persons are better than dog like sportsmen.
  • Cat is associated with elegance like cat walk. Wont you dare to call miss world's walk a dog walk ;))

Funny topic, pretty abstract, yet i found it too interesting to have a chit chat. Feel free to post your creative views


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Ghost Particle said...

I love Dogs and hate cats...dogs are way better and more friendly than cats...and cats smell!@

Nirek said...

I too dont like cats so much. this is jus an abstract topic for group discussion. you gotto support any damn thing in this world u see! thats why....
otherwise me too love dogs... but dogs' smell also sucks badly bro! ;)

Satish Prabu said...

So ultimately you made some thing out of nothing.... huh. Really creative....

Nirek said...

@SatishPrabhu... Actually my performance on that GD got brick bats. I was thinking in a linear way like an engineer(!!) ;) Well these are thoughts of the whole group. Got good idea of whats actual GD is all abt?