03 February, 2006

WalMart's India Coming!

Hurray! Wal-Mart is gonna open store out here in India. Recently Indian goverment opened up FDI in Retail with 51% max limit incase of single-branded store. Sam's club, the wholesale chain from Walmart is the one mulled over the discussion here as the possible brand. I am an ardent fan of Sam Walton. Probably I list his "Made in America" book as the best inspirational book written on Entrepreneurship. Sam walton's brain child is the sam's club. Walmart outsourcing office is centred in Bangalore and Here is where Walmart is expected to open its first store. There could be no better place than Bangalore for this. Bangalore is capitol of new found IT economy in India. Bangaloreans spend a lot in shopping. Hurray! Meee Excited to shop in WalMart and will wait to see it happen soon! Posted by Picasa

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Ghost Particle said...

do you think its a good idea for WalMart to open there? Theyll eat up smaller shops u kno...it happened in Malaysia when Tesco came.

Nirek said...

@gp, Hey bro. When biggies march, the pigmies really die down. In that sense, it is very very bad. But the overall ecomony changes. The business paradigm changes. The best retailer in India (foodworld) dont do business over 1Billion US$. Do you think this is overall economy potential of India? with sooooo much population, Indian retail market may cross walmart's annual revenue over the world. Certainly walmart's entry will make people think big. Its a kind of retail evolution in waiting!

smiley said...

Do you think Walmart can match Saravana stores....?

Nirek said...

@Smiley, Saravana stores is not run with high values or mission or high vision. With the brand identity of saravana stores, they could have easily evolve into a chain of discount retailers. which they never did. Walmart is true leader and visionary in all aspects. If walmart walks in, Saravana stores, Even the big wig "Big Bazaar" from piyush biyani (pantaloon) will face a total downturn.
Walmart is toooooo good in all aspects!