17 December, 2006


The chill breeze;
the shivering bike rides;
the comfy airconditioned office cubes;
the heavenly warmth of bed linen;
the early morning fogs;
sans lovely girl's warm kiss;
Miss you!

Winter is season of pleasant surprises. Indian winters are never as cold as northern world. There is no snow, no shovelling of roads, no blinding fogs and no heavy sized jackets. It is pleasantly cold. Bangalore at times surprises me beyond my imagination. Winter in Bangalore is slowly catching up. I hail from a place with hot climate all year around; so never want to wear a jacket even if cold wind chills down to the spine; want to roam around and catch this cold breeze ever inside my heart and soul.

Life takes roller coaster ride all over the time; hope keeps me going and kicking alive. I hope this winter brings much more surprises to all our life!

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Aaaha new blog, new template, new photo..New thoughts abt love??? ;)
Wtsup??? Hm...Anyting intrstng 2 share?? :P

AWESOME post..and very descrptve 2 :)

Keshi said...

Nice one there :)


Nirek said...

vanga vanga! enna Vatsan's nardar vellaiya neenga aramchitingala ;)

puthu love ellam illey! its ode to same girl. Naan romba committed! :)
I miss her a lot!

thanks buddy! Hope you are now ok and out of sullen moods!

ranjhith said...

Winter is much more! doesn't it remind you of Dry scaly skin that is tempting to scratch all thro' the night? Or abt the early morning struggles u'll have with the coconut oil which is frozen? Or abt the compulsion that u got to sleep for an extra few hours in the morning? Or abt the dinner that goes icy before u finish off?

Winter is boring, makes u sick. Makes u early to & late from bed. Pushes very girl around u to be a winter-collection model. Makes u burn, when a couple near u, go glue!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Wow..Am expecting a long post abt her ;) Oru decent intro kudukalamla???? :) Neenga nallavaru vallavaru'nu neraya soluvomey :P

Nirek said...

I wrote abt her a lot in my blog. Ana ellam in disguised form.
click on stories label in my blog, u will get all love stories I wrote abt my love earlier!

>>Makes u burn, when a couple near u, go glue!
true. I felt this lot of times ;)

Ghost Particle said...

look whose in love now...awww...

Jeevan said...

I too love this winter season. just now i had a walk outside my house in the cool evening!

Beautiful poem bro:)

Marutham said...

Woowey....COuld actually feel the winter thro this poem... ;)Enna cubicle illla.... Mandai kaayum class room :D
Nice one !! :)

Nirek said...

I am always in love. Love with my gal! ;)

@jeevan & marutham
athu poem illenga! if you call this all a poem, then real poets in blogger world will go mad! Chumma, nallu sentence, athu type panruppo, line break vitten! avolothan! ;)

thanks bro!
come to bangalore bro. winter rocks!

thanks dear...seekram cubicle ukararu bakiyam parpirasthu! (may god bless u chance to move to cubicle in corporate world soon, best wishes!)

Marutham said...

:D Sure..Sure...Daanx! Placemnt'la therinjachey- WIPRO cubicle... :) PLacement post nimbal miss panitongo ;)

Thanku for t wishes ! :D