29 December, 2006


What I am witnessing here is a slow death of a company. Really frustrating and demotivating!

The founders of this company had written a success story before. Lot of things went wrong in this venture, though it is not yet discarded as closed chapter. People are trying their best to secure the venture funding for the new business. I am recording here the learnings from what I felt as wrong things happened to this company and their wrong decisions.

Without clear product vision, the company should not expand operations. The past business success is definitely not a guarantee for the future success!

Managing multiple centers for research and development shouldn't be followed at the earlier stages of a company. Because it needs enormous management bandwidth. That wastage of resource can be utilised for other constructive busines development purposes.

Top end management should work from same office of engineers. That keeps the team motivated enough to achieve.

Teams shouldn't be scaled up unless revenues allow it. Services business needs swift team scaling up, which can be avoided in the earlier stages.

Don't bite the pie which you can't swallow; don't enter the market which you can't manage.

The nature of work/product should be unique. If it is not a blue ocean, clearly mark the product differentiation strategy and stick to it.

The earlier resources should work with similar idealogues. Running a viable business model should be their sole concentration for the formative years.

The perfect team should have a visionary, a manager, a finance guy, a business development manager, a technical architect with clear product engineering knowledge. It is definitely a team work, rather than individual contribution.

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பத்மகிஷோர் said...

good post. promising entreprises fold up because sometimes people who are incharge do not have an open mind when it comes to exploring new business oppurtunities.

there are some investors and customers too who tie the hands of entrprenuers by not giving a free hand in running the company.

choosing the right investor and working with the right cusotmer are things that only provedence can get.

Nirek said...

well said!

I know you have matured thoughts on the entrepreneurship and business models! why don't you write a post

Nirek said...

same as i said earlier. pls dont use company name in the comments. I dont want to answer ur question abt the reference.
if you want to appreciate the learnings, do that. Don't think too much which company is source for this. pls
and i am deleting ur comment