15 December, 2006


It was my best friend's marriage in Guntur on Thursday. We felt odd before going to Guntur for travelling without knowing their language. I thought it will be one more under-developed Andhra village as seen in Telegu movies. Now I had to change my idea. Guntur is a well developed municipal corporation. It was looking more like tier 2 cities (salem, Trichy...) in Tamilnadu.

All big retailer groups like Future group, Subhisikasha, Trinethra have chain of stores around the town

Guntur is famous for red chillies and Tobacco. The cigars here aren't looking like our poor-breed-indian-cigars 'Beedi'. It was more like cuban cigars, long and big, could not be even held in mouth. Later I learnt that Guntur's virginia tobacco is of world standard. Wow!

Delhi public school has a branch in Guntur. Man! DPS is like one big happening in education sector, they have 100 odd branches in 17 nations all around the world. I doubt whether I have seen enough DPS in Tamilnadu before!

The town is surrounded by villages based on agrarian economy- Paddy, chillies, tobacco....

Except for telegu name boards, I could see similarities to my native place in the city. It was more like travelling back again to my town and native village.

Thayir sadam and morru mulagai rocks dude! (Curd rice in combination with chilly)

In lighter sense, the place is full of cinemas dude. All tamil movies are running here, but dubbed version. The movies which fared poor in tamilnadu are all sensational hits here dude (atleast they claim so in their posters). Kovai brothers has become pokkiri brothers, vallavan has become vallava. I saw posters of Thimiru, Alai, Em-mahan.... the kollywood fellows has found a convinent market in Andhra for all masala and crappy tamil movies :)

Marriage went very well, well organised. There was a live webcast through yahoo messenger for this function(Dunno how many seen it!). Marriage hall was air-conditioned centrally (That saves the poor bride and bride groom from sweating and souring hot climate outside). Few photos here

I saw this art work in our guest house there. Liked it! This picture depicts some celestial girl rambha or menaka seducing the saint vishwamitra!

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ranjhith said...

To me it looks like Rambha/Menaka wanting to set herself free, but our dude Vishwamitra is going strong. >:O)

praveen said...

The wedding hall looks nice actually...and as for the last picture...it dosent look like Menaka is seducing him but the other way around..lolz

Nirek said...

@Ran, Praveen
yep, I didnt notice that aspect of the photo! true...looks like sage is full on fire :) ha ha ha...

yep. I had seen 2 telegu (andhra reddy's) marriages till now. both was well organized, AC hall....It is never the case in Tamilnadu!

Jeevan said...

The Photo's are very nice bro! seem u had nice time with them. Hai my first chat girl friend was from Guntur:)

Nirek said...

bro, sollave illa?! guntur girl fren...innum frenship thana ? ;)

visithra said...

Nice photos - looks like u had fun