06 December, 2006

The Ghost of You!

Here is the short story that I submitted for the GP's competition. Details are here and here.

A black Aston Martin babe skids past the flyover like a pro Ice skater waltzes on the ballroom. Ashwin gazes at his rear view mirror with a cruel killer instinct. There are red light spots in his mirror; the sleuths are chasing him for the past ten minutes. His gaze lands on the face of the girl, who lay lifeless in his rear seat. Her face is frozen like a pale ice brick; her black eyes are popping out like Chinese candies. The white dress is tainted with dark red blood bleeding near her heart. A gun fire at close range should have killed her. Her dress shows that she was a beautiful damsel in her life before death. Period. His babe speeds past 120 Kmph with onboard cruise control. Ashwin manages to smile suppressing the sublime depression. When he brings his attention back to front side, he barely notices a speeding cross country truck coming towards him. He scrambles, cuts the cruise control, and tries to switch on the collision avoidance system. The blue cockpit screen turns on, the microprocessor pukes out words. “System Failure, Target is too close. Please apply the master break. The button is at the right end of...” Screeeeeeeeeech.

The scene widens to a beautiful beach stretch. There on the white sand, a beautiful couple hugs each other crazily as if they gonna eat each other. That looks like they are in a vacation in Easter Islands. Ashwin is a well built, six feet personality. The yellow Lamborghini parked near them tells that our hero is crazy about cars. “Honey, I love you. Love you madly you know. You were looking like an angel, you see, an angel from heaven in my birthday party yesterday night. Half the eyes in the party hall were looking at you, when we danced. And you know what…My dad had gifted me a new Aston Martin yesterday. I can’t forget this birthday dear. Undoubtedly this is the best birthday ever in my life. Thanks Honey. I Love you sweeto!” The beautiful girl on his cuddle is Lara, the Icy cool girl of this generation. She is a contender for Ms. Earth competition, which is going on in Easter Islands this year. “You are my sweet heart, honey. I will do anything to make your life bliss. Your love makes me feel like a blessed girl, you know”.

Sun is racing past the mountains in horizon, spews out the bright orange rays to color the sky at dusk. Ashwin cell phones kicks up indicating the call from his sweet heart. “Honey, when are you reaching the venue? I am getting tensed. I wanna see your smiling face before entering the stage. It’s the D-day and I am dressed to clinch the title. You should see me and I will wait for you dear. Coooooommmmmmme soon”. Ashwin mind goes blank; all he wants to do is to reach the hall as early as possible. He zips pasts the ongoing traffic in the highway, rushes to the venue like a mad man. He curses himself for leaving Lara alone in the venue and for coming to airport at the wee hours to pick up his new babe. His cockpit screen throws out a beautiful icon with music; it says a new message; he touches the new mail icon. Mail reads as “Son, I am flying to New York with your mom tonight. We will be there with you in Easter Islands day after tomorrow right on the dot for your engagement. Hope you are having fun with your new babe too. Love you dear”.

May be he should not have left her alone. He didn’t know at that time that he never gonna see her lively smile again. When he manages to reach the hall, there is a huge round of applause. “Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to this grand finale. We have six beauty queens here and the judges for the occasion are….” Ashwin runs like a madman to her personal room at backstage. As he opens the door and steps in; a gunshot; she falls in his hands lifeless; a guy with black jacket runs past him. That guy, our villain, jumps into his car and vanishes in the highway. Ashwin in Aston Martin with his girl is on fire behind that car.

Huge noise; people are pouring in the highway to see that twin crash. Both cars had collided into that mammoth truck. As clock ticks fast, Ashwin gets back his consciousness; manages to come out of his car. With all the depression and aggressiveness in his eyes, he runs towards the other car. That is also badly damaged. People had pulled out the driver. Ashwin runs to see the killer. He couldn’t believe his eyes, “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd! Is that you?”

“Shit! Look at Ashwin. He had bed wetted again. Wake him up and take him to the rest room please” Ashwin papa is shouting at his peak to his wife in that wee hours of night. “Don’t worry dear. He is still an eight year old kid. He should be learning to sleep like a guy soon. May be he had a bad nightmare!”

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Anonymous said...

Nirek ,tell us the truth .. Is it just a creation or ur own story when u were 8 yrs old . Too fast thinking hey kya .

Nirek said...

welcome here
cha cha! definitely not my real life story. It full imaginary fiction. How was the story? did u like it?

n8ivwarrior said...

Pretty good! I started a book as well...http://techno-underground.blogspot.com/

There is more, I just haven't given it to the world.

tulipspeaks said...

tempting to read but im in middle of preparing some slides. will get back to this asap


Nirek said...

thanks bro. I saw that blog before. but didnt follow it up. will do it from now on!

thanks dear. U r most welcome to read it any time u wish! I know even if I write some crap in the name of short story, my frens will appreciate and encourage me! :)

alex said...


Ashwin dreams good. ;)

Nirek said...

welcome here! I read ur story. Its really touching! good work bro!

alex said...


Thanks dude.

"The painter does not get noticed in our world"

Nirek said...


>>"The painter does not get noticed in our world"

why do you say that? His words catches the life's philosphy in nut shell! Liked it a lot!

n8ivwarrior said...


I find there is always an interesting fact about some topic out on the web somewhere. More often than not, Wikipedia helps me out. I just love researching that section.

alex said...

'The painter' is not easily noticed as his actions are not conforming to the standards of the society.

And about the language, he has not been to school and he just knows to tell them as they are.

Anonymous said...

Aaaha...Tht was a very nice story...
And very decrptive..2 good :)

And GP is doing a real gr8 job..

Anonymous said...

The story was good nirek ..

One more thing , i landed much before on ur blog ..Think a few days after the blogcamp . I remember i met u there . I was not so active as others in blogcamp,so dont think u could find me out .

Nirek said...

Your search in internet always gives us something interesting to learn! way to go bro!

thats true. Education really spoils our perspective abt the life. Sucks!

thanks dear. yep, GP's competition is making waves in blog world now.

thanks bro. But I never came to Blog camp. The best I heard abt blog camp was thru Rajesh Segu's blog. Me and segu are CAT fren, means same batch mate in IMS for CAT coaching. Guess u would have landed in my blog thru that route.
welcome here!

Jeevan said...

Hai wonderful story friend!! the climax was suprise. I am also trying to write a story for GP. another James Bond is here:)

alex said...

The education these days is about a closed learning. Not much importance is given for self learning and diversification.

Nirek said...

will wait to see your story

right. but different system of education are there in india which dont give importance to textbook knowledge. but majority still get spoilt by the education system. Isnt it? Me too in the spoilt category.

krishnachaitanya said...

Thanks for the clarification man , I am room mate ,office mate and also college mate of Rajesh Segu .Landed on ur blog from his blogroll ..

By the way , what is ur name , Sateesh or nirek ..

Nirek said...

>>By the way , what is ur name , Sateesh or nirek ..

does it matter? you can call me in any name.