13 December, 2006

What's there in Wine?

Yep, I tasted wine today - my first ever stint with alcoholic drinks. My friend and I had a great three course meal with wine in Mughalai restaurant here. I had a special crush towards wine for long time. Recently I got inspiration to taste wines after reading an article in 'Business Today' supplement about wine tasting experiences and different wines available in India. Tasted Grover wineyards 'La Reserve' red wine; this product has won many accolades and fans worldwide and considered as 'the best new world's red wine'.

"Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy." Benjamin Franklin.
"God created wine and women, so that man could atleast own one" Anonymous

My first experience with tasting wine isn't that great. I had wine with chicken tikka, Tikka tasted better than wine!
It was tasting more like 'Listerine' the popular mouth wash.
Do you guys remember the volumetrics analysis we did during our school days in chemistry labs? Have you ever had experience of tasting the chemical liquids accidentaly while sucking through the pipette? The wine was tasting like that dude.
I was complaining about the taste to my fren all the while, poor soul!
I took more than two hours to drink a cup of wine. Good we didn't buy one bottle! I would have taken ages to finish it off!

One good thing: I understood the philosphy in the lyrics of Hotel California song for the first time today. May be wine made me a philospher ;)
I love this song. Lyrics are here.

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
’relax,’ said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

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amutha said...

It was tasting more like 'Listerine' the popular mouth wash.

inthe visye paritchai thevaiya?




Nirek said...

>>inthe visye paritchai thevaiya?
I should know what i miss in this world, right? thats why all this experiments. but didn't like it for sure! wine is not def tasty drink....:(
Me too were laughing badly while tasting it!

Jeevan said...

experiance is life:)

ranjhith said...

> Do you guys remember the volumetrics

Good உவமை. Now I know what example you would give when you taste heroin! >:O)

> God created wine and women, so that man could atleast own one.

Man created wine so that he can own it when he looses trust with God & women. >:O)

Sujata said...

It is a pity you did not have a good first experience with wine... but then enjoying wine is all about knowing how to enjoy it, if someone explains to you how to go about looking beyond the "Listerine" like flavours to you, I am sure you will enjoy it. :-).
By the way, start with a white wine like a Chenin Blanc or a Sauvignon Blanc. What you chose was certainly not a wine for a first attempt at drinking wine.

Sivanesan said...

u r not in 2050 anymore? its so stupid that blogger beta doesnt support group blogs. pity u dont share the dream anymore.

Nirek said...

thanks bro. I accept to your words!

ya heroin has to be that other experiment in chemistry lab...:)

>>Man created wine so that he can own it when he looses trust with God & women. >:O)

nalla irukkuda. Experience pesuthu! :)

Dunno will i venture into tasting wine again. I need time to forget the bitter taste of it, before taking a sip!
>>Chenin Blanc or a Sauvignon Blanc.
sounds like legendary french wines...sure will give it a shot!

I am unhappy that u dont like to share ur identity with me or blogworld. Why not link ur blog with your comments.

yeah bro. Its surprising that blogger beta doesn't allow group blogs. I don't think so.
chk this link

when everyone migrated to beta blogger, then earth2050 will be back in full swing!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Aaaha..Gud u tasted...
Its my long time wish 2 taste :(
Eppo fullfill aaguthu therila ;)