26 February, 2007

Not bad!

I am thinking about starting a fan club for actor Jeeva in Blog world.
Not just because of his acting talent and smartness, but my stalker girl once said that I look like him.
"neenga pakka dishyum hero mathiri irukenga" he he he ;)

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Anonymous said...

adappaavi neenga thirunthawe maattingala..
you look better than him (ice)

PritS said...

dude is she stalking you or you are getting yourself stalked by her.
I read mention about her too often at this place. :)
Looks like someone is liking being stalked.

Jeevan said...

hahaha... start bro i will come and join, because i like his acting and his story choosing. If u add "n" in his name, it will become jeevan; in one letter difference na!!

ranjhith said...

Aaahaa yenna nadakuthu innu onnum puriyala doi. This got censored in the SMS post! >:O)

You wanna self-promote yourself for someone who was introduced to us as a stalker?? Thala balti adichuteengale?? >:O)

Ram said...

hmm approm?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

I have a doubt abt the previous post :P How r u sure tht the person is a gal??? HEHEHEHE...Or she/he is a she/he... Hahahahehehehohoho....

U understood anyting? :P

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

:o This post is also abt her :))

Nirek said...

@thooya dear
>>you look better than him
ithu than unmai! thanks dear.

yep, I am enjoying that girl's sms as long as it's not affecting me. This one is for braggin and nothing else

vanga, u r most welcome to fan club. Jeeva ~= Jeevan. Great! unga ethirkalam romba bright-a irukku. seekuram movie world kuthikalam!

>>Thala balti adichuteengale??
Balti ellam illada. I started enjoying those sms-es. Trying to move her to email world. :)

ithellam chumma. Jolly-a vilayaditu iruken!

athu Girl than for sure. I had spoken to her before during new year eve. she seem to knowing all details abt me. thats surprising...

this post is not abt her, this is braggin post. chumma jolly-ikku!

Arun Srinivasan said...

rightu vidu!!!

Nirek said...

long time no see bro.
:) thats jolly post.

tulipspeaks said...

ithe unmaiya? ille neengele soleringela? :P

hahahaha.. kidding!


Nirek said...

I dunno whether I look like him or not ;) that's immaterial here too. I needed a lighter topic to blog about, took it from those stalker girl's sms!
:) good morning

Anonymous said...

lollu +jollu thangala...so who is that girl? u neva told me abt her ..dats bad..

LiveMyDreams said...

Ello bro,
i feel u luk better than him...