16 February, 2007

I had fallen in love again!

Hang on...

I had fallen in love with this amazing city Xi'an. Infrastructure and climate is beyond my wildest imagination for any Chinese city. Few photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Nirek,photos arent showing buddy..

Mystic Rose said...

nice photos..cant belive evrything is so..neat and modern.

Mystic Rose said...

and efficient :)

tulipspeaks said...

nice! Surely u r having a blast for CNY! long to c how the Chinese in China celebrates their new year.


Goli said...

you are at the right time in china I guess... cool.. if you are not a vegetarian please do not miss eating a scorpion... :D

ranjhith said...

How long years does it take for India to become like this? A chinese probably coming to here & wondering abt our infrastructure? Is it way too much. And thanks for those pics bro. Hope you had great time. Cheers!

Nirek said...

ippo photos varutha?! may be some problem then

Yep, me too left in awe while seeing this chinese city. Our perception of china is shattered to pieces by the infrastructure in cities

ya dear.I am back from china last week. so me too couldn't see CNY celeberation in china.

Yep, The climate was fantastic during this part of year in Xian. Missed seeing CNY celeberations. I had lot of exotic meats, but didnt get chance to taste scorpion.
I heard those odd meats are common menu in southern china.

Really dude. Government is pumping in money like anything to chinese cities. All i could see in xian hi-tech zone are only high rise building with more than 20 floors. I couldn't even find a simple apartment...
Infrastructure in xian is amazing. I heard the villages in china look like indian villages only. dunno.

Beijing was very much like bangalore. I didnt much chance to look around beijing city. but my first impression was that it looked like indian city interms of traffic and infrastrucuture.

But anyways Indian infrastructure has to be improved to a greater extent!

Jeevan said...

Very neat photo's bro! looks like climate is cool to enjoy:)

Marutham said...

HI Nirek,

U wont kick me out right ;)

Nice pictures..seems like its one MUST SEE place! :)

You are pretty fast with ur posts :)
WIll get back from college & see the old one's also ur reply :) for my comments(earlier one)....

Tata 4 now...
Good day !! :)

Mystic Rose said...

Hi Nirek,
I tagged you..check out frothy waters..:) I think you will enjoy doing it..:)

Nirek said...

yep bro. climate was great. it isn't very cold and not hot too
lovely place.

yeah dear. I was updating my blog suddenly with lot of posts. I was reserving this post till the end of my xian trip. thats why so many posts in small time frame

then u r always welcome here. How can i kick my best buddy out of my blog??! :)

then hope u r having rocking time in college . its ur final year , right??

to track replies for your comment, u can prob use co-comment. its easy to track replies for ur comments in any blog

i am yet to see the tag. Hope it is interesting. i will take some time in weekend to write on that

Robbie said...

lovely pics !! nice place !! and soooo clean .. u seem to ve put on weight :P .. he he he ..
njoy !!

Nirek said...

ya dear. I put on lot of flabs. Its becos of jobless vacation for past one month and heavy meals daily.
he he he....
Now I am on my joggin schedule to reduce those flabs!

Anonymous said...

Now its fine. I am using opera to view...