16 February, 2007

Noodle for thought!

During our stay in Xi'an, we went to a restaurant that serves mangolian hotpot. If you don't know what's a hotpot is, please click on this link. The restaurant has a special menu. Fresh noodles made in unique style just before your eyes. Videos and photos are here.


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Anonymous said...

i hv seen this is malay once...n shd say WOW

Mystic Rose said...

and you are expected to eat that? :P

Mystic Rose said...

nice! looks like youa re having fun! enjoy!

ranjhith said...

Intha poochi/paambu/puzhuvu yellam neenga saapudiliya? Cha miss panniteenga! >:O)

Nirek said...

yeah. those guys got some special way to sell their noodles. USP- unique selling point

Yep, we took that. It isn't bad or unhealthy. anyway handmade and fresh noodles are common in all part of china

Yeah. it was greattttttttttt time in china. I enjoyed each and every second. I slept for only 5 hrs daily to maximise my time in this great city

poochi, paambu, puzhu ellam south china food items. Unfortuantely I couldn't go to that part of china. so missed it :(

Anonymous said...

//Unfortuantely I couldn't go to that part of china. so missed it :( //


Jeevan said...

Super food!!

Nirek said...

dear, it's not bad food da. I lov tasting all kind of food.

oru snake sappita evalo nalla irukum. I got intimated by snakes all thru my childhood, now it's revenge time.

poochi/cockroach ellam finger chips mathiri taste-aa irukkum!

Hope u r not running there to vomit! yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyy....

now u-turn
how can people eat such yukkkyyyyy things dear....chance illey! ;)

thanks bro. i know u will like this. boy are brave to venture and try diff foods