11 May, 2006

Dogma, SWAT, women folk.

This is controversial topic on generalisation. Wish to hear all your views on "Gals are dogmatic by their very nature". Men and women are behaviouraly totally different entities, as the saying goes 'Men are from mars and women are from venus'. As much as you understand your opposite sex's nature, it helps, helps always and everywhere. Dogmatic is dominant behaviour I found in all my frens in fairer sex. Ok, ok dont barge on me for generalising, lemme explain what I mean.
Here is the dictionary meaning of the word.
dog·mat·ic (dôg-mat'ik, dog-) adj.
  • Relating to, characteristic of, or resulting from dogma.
  • Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.

When you speak to your girl fren, you can find her
1. Like to buy some luxury cars/luxury articles, irrespective what it takes to achieve it. I remember hearing one gal's life time aim is "buying a Merc".
2. Highly opinionated. She has a big list of things what she likes and dont' like. And in contrast, men folks always are flexible. They tend to experiment now and then. Some men even change their likes/dislikes based on their better half.
3. She either hates/likes the third guy, means there will be no neutral stand. In contrast, a man has lot of frens in his list whom he can empathize, antipathize or apathize (thats the neutral stand). We keep a list of frens as mere acquanitance, whom I am comfortable to work with, and I can lead my life without their frenship/enemity.

The list will become exhaustive. Now here is my SWAT analysis on this dominant behaviour. Strength: Because of strong dogmas, Gals know how will be their life. They drive their whole family with their views. These principles (if constructive) will definitely take the whole family in the positive wave. Weakness: These arguably ain't  the best interpersonal skills in our dog-eat-dog world. Come on,You can't fire the guy for not having your opinion.


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Ram said...

GUd analysis.

Nirek said...

@Ram...Thank you for the feedback. that was provocative generalisation...dunno whether all will agree with that

Shravanthika said...

This cannot be generalised like this. I have seen guys having such things.
I have a person working here at office. you should see him plan...!! God. He will say i will take tea break for 10mins. We will be in the cafeteria(as always) group of 10 discussing. However and whatever the topic is he will leave exactly the 10th minute. I have seen him say we have wasted 2 mins.
Not only in this he knows what he will own by next year. It all depends on the attitude and not on the gender :)

Nirek said...

@EmptyMind....I know this was a lousy generalisation.
Attitude, well that could be said. I will think abt it

Marutham said...

//2. Highly opinionated. She has a big list of things what she likes and dont' like. And in contrast, men folks always are flexible. They tend to experiment now and then. Some men even change their likes/dislikes based on their better half.//
For some girls, this point is true! But not for all1 May be the majority...I try telling and convincing such Dogmatic Girls that life isn't al;l revolving arnd only us/u... It is all about compromising. It isnt always neccsry that Men must compromise and women never get down from their stand.. Thats bad! And for the Men, don't just like that change because she ask u to...Think and tell her what really life is! Sometime- they/we do act like WEAKER SEX!! Its the men's responsibility (sometimes few girls like me too) to explain things and correct these D girls!!

Aaron Lewis said...

Most of it is true SATU. We are talking of generalizations being taken for higher percentage of ppl. So, even in my college I have found guys to be very flexible, studying late, appearing as though not having a goal in life etc etc, but with strong attitude and inter-personal skills, and after 2 years, most of the guys rock, flew to all parts of the world, compared with.................

Nirek said...

@Marutham and @Aaron Lewis
Welcome to my blog! and added to that, excited to hear supporting arguments from you.

@Marutham. I believe in loving human charactersitics for its very unaltered nature. As long as those dogmas are in positive side, I hv no grudges. And human is to err. If those D gals suffer, they will slowly change their very nature to suit the society. But understanding their D nature helps us (men folks) in working with them.

@Aaron... True, being flexible with good attitude is what is necessary. :)

Anonymous said...

Gud analysis Sathish

-Nandish ( U know me thro your Bro)

Nirek said...

@nandish.....Hurrray. you read my blog. Its real honor for me!
How there? No need for that intro abt you. I have one fren in the whole world in your name ;)