05 May, 2006

Ayes. Present Sir!

Getting up late for for my CAT class, I rush to find we gonna have english vocabulary class today with oh-no-not-her-again faculty. She must be teaching kids in school/ freshmen in college, she treats us in the same way. sick. She is also one happy character on her own. "There is a lot of words packed here(pointing to her brain), it's you guys who have to bring it out" was her cliche and also her-so-called USP. She has the habit of praising herself after giving some important quote or example. "Students rush to bursary to meet the bursar to get their bursary" 'wow, what a great sentence' was her quip after the sentence.(No need to mention we were sitting irritated at the back though).
She call all of us dear ones. Hi deary, hi deararyyyy, hi deary dear.... what not? Whop, she fills the classroom with her speech for 2 hours. Today worst of all, she was running half hour more than her schedule. Though I have all sorts of criticism for her, I admire her no-stop talking for 2 hours. come-on, even in my all births, re-births, i will never learn this trick of being a chatterbox. You should see her expressions when she utter some words. wow.... She stands like hitler when say "Recalcitrant". She become pale when uttering macabre, cadaverous. She looks like ready to go to war when explaining bellicose, belligerent. Where to stop?
With so much criticsm, i dont want to end this post with bitter feeling and sarcasm. I had wonderful experience of been student of two great English faculties during my childhood. DavaManidevi madam and Ramesh sir: If you happen to read my blog, I really owe my knowledge on english to you both. Both are too good to be a simple school teacher. When they left our school, they had nearly inherited all their ken of english grammar and vocabulary to all of us.

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n8ivwarrior said...

OK, I had to look up a few of the words in your list. Unfortunately, "bellicose" and "recalcitrant" are not used very often here in the U.S. Of course, we really don't speak English.

Nirek said...

@john. those words are not used much in India either. But all our competitive exams are made tough by using those kinds of uncommon words.
Americans dont speak english....that sounds like some british dialogues. American english is more user frenly with no strict grammar rules, i like it very much