03 April, 2006

Lazy River

I am a lazy river when running in home. I chose to rest and spend quality time whenever I am on vacation. Bad that I didnt get much time to slug around this time. I went to Thirukadiyoor temply for a family function. India is undoubtedly religious mystical land and Thirukadiyoor is one more famous temple in South India. Its was a rustic village two decades back and now become a world renowned temple because of single person. Viswanatha kurrukal who found out that this place has got mythical significance from the past for one's celeberation of 60th and 80th age from some literature. His evangelical approach on this now made this village a big business center with economy spinning around the temple. Though nothing bad in this, I found this work to be worthy mentioning in internet. (If i got that person wrong, then you can correct me)
Somehow I dont feel great about a vacation, if i dont spend those days with my nieces and nephew. Thank god, there were also on vacation. One good thing about spending time with kids is, we dont have to plan for anything to entertain them. Just listen to them and those cute little angels will make our days busy and worth braggin about. I simple love it.
[-] I couldn't see those green farms around my place this time. The time for summer crop is yet to come. And farms were dry again and its not even summer in my place. Last year's rain god had shown so much love to land and made those people fight for survival in floods. But now just after 4 months, where are those water gone?
[+] Office life is slowly drifting to busy line. After four days, I was excited to open my mailbox which was flooded with mails today morning. Just got so much used to emails in life, I am wondering how life will be if all mail service providers decided to shut down their shop and go home. Its like invention of electricity, we cant even think of life without electricity.
Popcorn: South Indian Media Moghul Kalanidhi maran going public with stated IPO of Sun Networks. Reliance went public in 1977 when its turnover was just Rs 1000 crores. Its was Dhirubhai's work on ROI of public investments brought the equity cult in India. Now sensex brimming 11000 shows how Indian economy has grown to equity world

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Ghost Particle said...

so now you understand that its not only life that changes, but that the world have to mature too...

Barbienan said...

wow..in 2 months time i will be in India and for sure i will touring around south Indian temples with my fam..

Nirek said...

@gp... World is changing in faster pace. Its reminds me of famous saying
"only unchangeable thing in this world is the change itself"

@barbie... Welcome back home! you will have some good time in touring but that happens to mid of summer right....u gonna have a tough time also then.... :)

robbie said...

hey i ve been to that temple when i was in school ... t'was still not very popular at that time .. so i liked it a lot .. heard that now itz become more of a tourist spot like many other famous temples .. temples r gud only if itz not crowded and u r free to admire each and every pillar and pray to ur heart's content without being pushed about .. :)..

Nirek said...

@Anu...thats been a long time seen you in my blog. your were also missing in blogopshere for a while now.
write more. you hv a fantastic writing style.

btw, i too love temples with not much crows. hate to go to temples on special day for the fear of crowds.
temples are lovely only when we realise our inner consciousness. right?

robbie said...

hey tanku :) .. was a li'l busy with work ... thats y ..
and u bet .. i never go to temples on occasions .. i go almost everyday if itz a 'normal' day .. :)

Nirek said...

I know you are a good gal. But I didnt know that you are sooo much good gallll who goes to temple daily.
I go to temples only somebody pushes me or just before exams ;)
I am comfortable with mediation style of worships. I love bodhi zendo for that.
its a lovellllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy serene temple ever i had seen.

robbie said...

he he he .. me-the-angel is ever a gud gal.. er.. angel .. ;) .. i go to one temple in venkatnarayana road (t-nagar) very often .. itz jus next to KPN travels .. very peaceful and silent and not at all crowded on normal days .. if u ever feel like goin to a temple and u r in chennai, u can go there ..

Nirek said...

@anu. isn't it tough to chat in comments box in blog.
i cant find your email id, otherwise i could posted the replies there.
do you orkut?

in venkatnarayana road, the tirupathi style temple is very famous. I know the place near KPN travels, may be when i cross that place next time, i will chk for the temple u said.
hv a great weekend yaar!

robbie said...

yeah i do .. u can find my id in my blog .. :) .. itz the same for orkut too ..