24 April, 2006

What is it About Shoes?

This post adds one more dimension in trivia discussion 'What is it About Shoes?' in John's Blog. Men wardrobe has maximum 4 to 5 shoes. I have 3 shoes now, one Red Tape for daily office usage. One Adidas black sneaker for all causal purposes. One more Red tape for formal occasions. But women's shoe collection is bigger than man, some say it is approximately 10 times more than men's collection. Why on the world do women need so many shoes? That was a funny and trivia discussion put forth by John.
Assume a girl has 30 shoes, which equates to usage of 12.167 days for a pair of shoes. Definitely she should have more number of dresses to match with her shoes. Assume she has 60 dresses, which equates to usage of roughly 6.1 days for a dress. Her collection will have a lot of fashion paraphrenalias . Assume she has 90 other fashion accessories like bags, valets,..etc. which roughly equates to usage of 4.1 days for each one. Now all together she buys 180 accessories in a year. It's a myth that women go for shopping whenever she feels blue. That culminates in saying she felt blue once in 2 days because she bought 180 items in 365 days. Isn't it bad on all of us to let women feel depressed so often. ;)

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Barbienan said...

See there is a saying called "Apparel Apt Perfect Man" and in Tamil "Aal pathi Aadi pathi". I have seen men having 10 pairs of shoes outside India coz winter, summer, spring and autum seasons. For business, parties, casuals, sports...so guys who has only 3 or 4 pair just seem to be sitting in office or taking a walk around. :-)

Nirek said...

@barbie. thats was just a provocative funny discussion! dont take anything from it.
yeah, I am definitely the perfect softie who lives in his chair for half his life time.

Jayan said...

Great analysis dude ! All your Data Interpretation and the MBA stuff are coming good :P

Nirek said...

@jayan....yeah buddy. this kind of useless rubbish calculation helps to brag the world that I am an MBA aspirant ;) never mind

Ghost Particle said...

well...shoes for men is for necessity...and for girls...your guess is as good as mine. But in general...some ppl buy bcoz they like it, some want to collect it. Elegence is in the way we dress...but that doesnt build character...(unless of course we walk around naked). HUgs bro. Mss ya.

Nirek said...

@gp. huuh, thats was a pithy saying. dressing doesnt build the character.
long time no see right?! i am reading your blog post thry rss feed. I will comment on them later