14 April, 2006

Inspiration Idols

Few people born to inspire. Kalyan Chakarvarthy is one among them. He is head of the startup on multimedia technologies in Banglaore. Wonder how old he is, just in early 30's. With 5 years experience in multimedia codecs domain, he floated his company. Heard a lot about him off late from my frens here who came from Emuzed. And my company management leads knowledge on his company and products added more respect for him. Undoubtedly, Emuzed's single minded focus on multimedia technologies got them their space in the domain - where dolphins dread to play in the sea of mighty sharks.
Kalyan was working as multimedia codec engineer in Sasken, after his graduation from IIT- Kanpur. The core team of emuzed were all started their career in sasken. After a lot of tea-time discussions and hot thinktank sessions, kalyan and his frens decided to float a new company. Thus his startup came into its life in 1999. All the core team members were leading the different product divisions of Emuzed. The dynamic leadership quality of all those guys brought the initial team of the company. Now ofcourse Emuzed is a success story with 300+ people in two R&D centres. Flextronics, a singapore based company, acquired Emuzed in 2005. Emuzed revenue was around Rs.50 million in 2002-03. The acquisition deal was pegged at $38 million.
One interesting anecdote about kalyan. HR consultants in bangalore are known for their unsolicited calls to software engineers.One day a  HR consultant called Kalyan when he was CTO of his company and talked to him about a team leader offer in another company. This guy couldn't control his laughter, said "look mr consultant, I am CTO of this company and you can't get me a better offer than this".
Bangalore has best of world atmosphere to incubate the entrepreneurial spirit. The mindset of people here is comparable to silicon valley serial entrepreneurs. Lot of softies talk loudly on their ventures and plans. Only few people got guts to live their dream. Kalyan inspires all of us with his leadership and ventures. Best wishes to scale more heights in your career Mr.Kalyan!

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Rising...... said...

Good entry.. My life was extra busy in the recent past, but one thing I never left from my daily list was to read your blog, and the latest one is very motivating, the company emuzed and Kalyan.. I too have a dream of being an entrepreneur one day, and these news of thriving software companies and young entrepreneurs makes me real happy. Keep up the blog, and let us hope we(u have the same dream, right?) succeed in our goals..

Nirek said...

@Rising. Thanks a lot. I am honored to have you as a regular reader of my blog.
ya, we should succeed in our aim. I am sure we will!