07 April, 2006

Why not you standup for National Anthem?

This post is my voice on (rather opposing) the article of 'Why standup for National Anthem' by Rohan Desai on JAM. Read the article here
In short, he felt incongruity when he has been asked up to standup for the National Anthem in a democratic country. I believe paying respect to anthem is the only contribution from most of the citizens of the country. Take any country, she spends a lot to give  you and me a good primary education and good society to grow up. Think on whatever we have contributed back to the country till now, absolutely nothing. we grow up, compete in exams, mug up/do something to get into good educational instituion, get a good paying job, do job hops, marry a beautiful damsel from your own town, make a good living with good house & ofocurse good car and finally addup the population and die down at some senile age.
Even though our life looks like an independent jungle on its own, but all these needs the support of the society we live-in. Ask the guy who travels in hot summer, he will tell you the importance of the shade. Ask those people who seek asylum in foreign countries, they will tell you importance of being in home country. If all those indian NRI are happy in their life abroad, why do they come to india once in a year and celeberate ' Bharatiya Parvasi divas'. Alright just confine yourself to your room ( which you assume is your bodhi tree!), think aloud on what all you have contributed to your mother country. List the possible oppurtunities where you could have contributed, but still chose not to do that.
Hope that exercise will tell you- how bad citizen you are to this country where you live. Leave all those contributions business, atleast what the least thing you could do to your country? show your gratitude to your mother country. Standing up and paying repsect to National Anthem is one such act. Why not you do that? Well, thats the best thing most of us do to our mother country.

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ada-paavi!!!! said...

respecting the national anthem is the least we can do, i dunno why tht writer felt tht way

Ghost Particle said...

we do it here since we were born in school till adulthood. its the smallest contribution we can do for our country.

Nirek said...

@GP and Vatsan,
going along this line of thought. why have we chosen to live such a selfish life? where it all started....we born, we live and we die....what could be meaning of this life for others...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Tht was a very nice write up and the link was good except that the concept was not acceptable.

Nirek said...

@pon...thanks yaar. Thts just a provocative thinking.