10 April, 2006

Lovely Monday

Today morning, I got up with a mind full of monday blues. I was cramming in with this media player assignment for a week now (oops....you could have seen less post in my blog for past one week, thats the reason for lullness). Yeahhh, Now I got the media player working (video decoder and audio decoder runs parallely on the given encoded video stream on the embedded processor).Ohhh....what could be the best way in end my day? 
These days week starting are always seems to be slow and boring. I am kinda joining league of oldies who get monday blues ;). I woke up today to feel as if some big stone is kept on my head, not had good dream either. Slowly came to office, started the days work and suddenly some lovely angels lucky spell fell on me. One-by-one all problems got fixed up and I now screaming with joy and like to party for whole night. Catch you all later!

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icyblue said...

Mondays are always like that... I feel as though 10 mountains are on my head.. :D

Hope ur day went well and have a great week ahead :)


Nirek said...

@Icy...Mondays are esp bad if we took long rest over the weekends and some immediate deadline is in front.
thanks a lot

Barbienan said...

Mondays are mad..

Ghost Particle said...

hye cool...any chance of us using ur softie anytime soon?

Mondays sucks...hugs bro.

Jayan said...

Getting too techie man !!!

Nirek said...

@barbie.... Long time no see. Howz life there?

@Gp... I dunno whether my software will go into a product. Its was a reference media player design on that particular hardware. may be or may be not, it will go into a product as such.

@jayan....coooolll da. I tht u r in USA now. where are you?