27 June, 2007


Days are flying by as mixed bags of frustrations, headaches and excitements...

Today is no different. I was trying to add new changes to my module, got struck somewhere. Had to time out to look afer the other tasks. The other task involved decoding some obstruse application code written for our processor. The Readme file was much more obstruse than the code. Had to break head, bug my team's linux experts to get it to a good shape; couldn't finish it till the evening. Adding to that woes, I was trying to internet my laptop with Bluetooth modem of mobile phone. I had a working configuration with USB cable modem before; and the phone's data cable port had developed connectivity snag today. The bluetooth modem didn't seem to work at all. Atlast in the midnight, I got it fixed after bunch of windows restarts and mobile phone reboots. Hurray! It's so gratifying to solve atleast one problem before falling into bed. And this configuration (laptop and bluetooth modem in mobile phone) rocks!! It's flexible and convenient than other wired options.

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Keshi said...

we just got a laptop with wireless internet n bluetooth..it's really cool stuff. I love how it all works.


tulipspeaks said...

hey! how have u been?


ranjhith said...

Internet via GPRS? Its the turtle of connections. :)
Or is it the dialup you are talking abt? Whatever it is can't match-up with the bunnies. I mean the ADSL+WiFi creatures. :)