13 June, 2007


There are quite a few catchy ads rolling on television media. I am listing here the ads that caught my attention.

Hutch Eskimo Search.
The concept isn't something new. Technically feasible by any operator. Yet gets thumbs-up for creativity, humour, and a nice different jingle.

Nivea Care for Men Whitening
The background music scores high for this advertisment. Quality Ad. No bullshits. Clear Thumbs-up!

Colgate Tooth Paste with Active Salt
The highly competitive toothpaste market makes all advertisement makers invent and reinvent themselves and their products to increase the sales. Here is an another attempt. The concept didn't get conveyed with elegance. The sense of urgency in that girl's dialogues didn't give a positive impression about the advertisement. Thumbs down for the ad and not for the product- It can be sold nicely than this. This article about this toothpaste is very impressive indeed.

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