18 June, 2007


Sometime it feels good to be in small town than in a city. I got chance/tickets to see 'Sivaji' movie here in my hometown. Wow! Can't believe that we got tickets so easily out here. We had a slight doubt whether movie is dragging towards a flop show...Nay. This is an ultimate entertainer. Good to see a commerical Rajni movie after so many years, it's full blown fantasy movie with distinct Shankar's touch. Action, songs, comedy, story, sentimental scenes, interesting 'technical' twists, sivaji-MGR style mimes, costumes, nice heroine, height of all heroism- Rajni movie can't get any better.

Koncham serious logical doubts?

Building an university and hospital for poor is hero's is long time dream. "25 years dream, 20 years hardwork" in his own dialogues. Does that mean hero's age is 45+? Appa intha vayasula love avasiyama??

Hero is a software system architect working in USA (!!). And he returns home with 250 crores. Can a 20 years of career give so much money? Well, where is that company?

Hero runs a private government helping poor people. Rajni's previous years' bitter experience with politics brought this change. Does that mean Rajni got a solution to his political indecision imbroglio? Way to help poor without stepping in politics?

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Athreya said...

Yepp Buddy..

This movie is doing well everywhere. I got a chance to meet Mr.Sivaji in Hyderabad on very 2nd day but i missed it. Now i donno when can i get his appointment in Chennai!

Robbie said...

hey .. after a long time :) .. feels gud to read ur posts ..

probably the director believes that "age no bar for love" :P ..
logic ellam paartha rajni movie njoy panna mudiyadhu .. :) .. btw, me ven't seen the movie yet ..

tulipspeaks said...

i agree with robbie.. logic ellam parkeve kuudathe - thats the #1 rule! ;)