19 January, 2007

A Vagabond Strolls on - 7

It does gonna be a year since I landed in this exotic city - Bangalore. Here climate is rocking, and I had seen one full climate season now. The winter cold is abated now and these days, we are witnessing lovely and adorable early morning fogs. Fogs give a special fresh look to the lovely mornings in this city. Few 'foggy' moments as seen by my cam are here.

I was going through two articles from different parts of world, which has a hilarious correlation. With all due respect, I am paraphrasing one of my friend's wishes. He got bugged up being addicted to emails, phones, orkut and all latest software developments, he wants to break free and be natural. Later I found another article about a girl who had broken free from world and started living in animal world from her childhood. Now people had found her in a deep forest and trying to rehabilitate her. May be this friend of mine should consider this girl's way of life to run away from this new-world-computer-menaces ;)

The emergence and threat from chinese economy is often quoted and discussed in Indian business forums. I was looking for the reversal of topic in chinese newspapers and found this interesting article "India's economy is unlikely to continue growing at over 9 percent due to its hefty fiscal deficit and creaky infrastructure, global credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service said." as reported by a chinese national newspaper. The words usage in this critique on Indian economy is harsh, based on the facts are stated by some foreign investor services firm.

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பத்மகிஷோர் said...

Good observation by the chinese newspapers.
Evn I feel that this grouth rate is unsustainable unless drastic changes are there in the infrastructure front.
If infrastructure spending (by government) is increased then it will widen fiscal deficit wont it?
that will push up tax rates or borrowings. quite complex it gets.

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

congratulations for crossing 7000 hits.

ranjhith said...

Hoo! Cool mist. I miss B'lore!!

Jeevan said...

Fogs are awesome bro! Good suggestion to your friend:D

Nirek said...

you tell us more dude. My knowledge on that economy , infrastructure, fiscal deficit are very nebulous. you tell us more da.

and thanks for wishes

I have more photos on bangalore's winter. will share it now

bangalore is rocking now. having some plans to come here??!

PritS said...

Fog in bangalore is really making it rocking place to live.
And please tell us more about that girl's story. :)

Nirek said...

which girl's story?
there is one story in my blog. check out stories labels in right sidebar. you can see few story series
lovely drop in proverbial ocean ;)

பத்மகிஷோர் said...

you tell us more dude. My knowledge on that economy , infrastructure, fiscal deficit are very nebulous. you tell us more da.
enna vechi comedy kimadi pannaliye

Nirek said...

I have great respect for your thoughts and words. wont make fun of you dude.
write more on those lines too!