22 January, 2007


Not mine....
but janurary 23rd is birthday of someone dear to me :)


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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Whose bday? :D

convey Wishes 2 her/him :)

Jeevan said...

Happy Birthday for your dear one:)

ranjhith said...

Should be a great day. My best wishes for your dearest. Cheers to both of you fellas!

Nirek said...

that's secret. Your wishes would have reached that some one definitely by now

thanks bro. ur wishes too is VPPed to that someone

you should be knowing by now about that someone. right?!

Das said...

to who is dear to U?

Keshi said...

Happy Bday to that dear one! :)


Drama Div@ said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to your dear one....
happy birthday to you!!

Nirek said...

no comments

thanks dear. ur wish shd have reached there by now

thanks dear. and its not my birthday!

ranjhith said...

Yep! I know! What if you get an anonymous comment from your dearest, thanking you for the Wishes? >:O)

Nirek said...

I wish i could get those anonymous thanks for the wishes. But i know it won't happen da!

PritS said...

to whomsoever it may concern.
happy b'day....

mystic rose said...

hmmm :)) whya ll the secrecy?

many happy returns of the day !

Nirek said...

Thanks Prits and Rose. There is no secret in this message. Those who know me personally knows whose bday it is. Let it be secret in public domain

And I am having a big J now. I didnt get these many wishes for my birthday itself. Grrr.....where all u guys (bloggie frens) gone during my bday...:)

ranjhith said...

> where all u guys (bloggie frens) gone during my bday...:)

Ur dearest one - didn't tell us abt ur BDay!!! My belated BDay wishes to you. >:O)

Nirek said...

thanks da. my bday is on may 9th. I think ur wishes now is too much belated or too much advanced!

Marutham said...

Oops!! AM late..
Yaruko birthdayameyyyy... :O adhuvum someone dear'nu solli yarunu kooda solama vitaachu!!

Hm..nadakatum nadakatum..
Naan edhum- is it that person or this relation'nu solli ungala vambula vidala..
May that person live long..
Happy birthday to u.....Happy birthday to u...
PS: :P Now imagine am singing the birthday song to HIM or may be HER!! ;)


Vivek said...

dei... unga veetu naayi jimmyku bday va machan?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Next post pls :P

Nirek said...

thanks for wishes dear! Onnum periya story, background ellam illa. Different attempt to wish that someone on birthday, thats it

welcome here. En veetu dog peru pluto!

sure da. I was out of town for quite some time. will update!