28 January, 2007

Love for mother land!

We have more than 180 countries in the world;
India has 28 states and 7 union territories;
Tamilnadu has more than 39 districts and numerous sub districts, towns and villages.
If we assign a probability for a child to be born in a particular town in a particular district in a country in this world, it will be a miniscule fraction 0.000005085… I am quoting these numbers to stress on the randomness associated with our place of birth.

Have you ever wondered?
Why did we born in this country with myriad language and mighty culture?
How could we express our complex emotional attachments towards our mother land?
How could we repay to the country which nurtured our dreams?
Can we live forever happily in some foreign land?
How could we express the psychic excitement when we go back to our home town?

Love for mother land is an inherent character. The patriotic feeling can’t be pushed into an individual’s mind. I was seeing the movie ‘Kannathil Muthamittal’ today. It is a legendary Tamil movie by director Mani Ratnam. The movie’s plot revolves around a kid’s search for her identity & her birth-mother, a mother’s love for her country & her patriotism. The background of the story is Tamil Elam fights in Srilanka.

Few thoughts on Tamil Elam fights:
The chaos prevalent in Srilanka is because of miscalculated political moves by yesteryear’s Sinhalese racists
The war can’t be the final solution to Tamil Elam. Wars offer an intermediate passage towards the amicable solution.
Any racist oppression on minorities will have huge repercussions on mainland.

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Robbie said...

yep .. thats a really gud movie .. and i agree with ya .. war wont bring the final solution for those ppl .. itz heart breaking to find news each day bot some death or the other there.. pray, the war ends soon and things work out wel for 'em soon !!

ranjhith said...

> miniscule fraction 0.000005085…

I'm just wondering on how you arrived at this number!! >:O)

> I am quoting these numbers to stress on the randomness associated with our place of birth.

The input set of newly-born children far far outnumber the set of their birthplaces! So where is the randomness here? I don't really get it! <:o(

I can only be born to my parents. My parents live in India, in my home town! I guess, there is a lot of determinism! >:O)

Nirek said...

that number is an approximation of
180 countries,
28 states
39 districts

This is not number of a birth of new born child. It is probability associating the place of birth with one individual. Only one in 196560 child can born in my district
(196560 = 180*28*39)

Hope you got it now!

White Forest said...

Happy republic day ?!

tulipspeaks said...

even after few years, that movie is still one of my fav. with a child by my name starring in it, how can it go wrong eh? ;) ;)


Nirek said...

Happy republic day to you too!

that kid is too cute. and her characterization in the movie is toooo good, naughty yet loveable. You are one of my cute friend. So I hope all kids with name of amutha shd be lovely beings!

ranjhith said...

Yep! Got it! >:O) I guess its the distribution of people who are conceived! We can't really term it as Randomness!

Jeevan said...

Bro our Tamil nadu has 31 district. I like the stroy that was created my Manirathanam to create an awarness on people.

Here is Thooya an Elam girl who crave for her land, she has some post about her experience in Elam, it wet our eyes. check her blog (http://thooya.blogspot.com)